Hair mods not showing in the character creator

by sunwisecircles

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Hair mods not showing in the character creator

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I'm having trouble with hairstyle mods showing in the character creator. More Hairstyles is the main one with Tucked Hair and Anto's Hair. I have sought advice on Unofficial BSN, Reddit, Nexus Mods and the comments in More Hairstyles page.


So. I have tried chargen compile - removing and not removing bad references. I have used v. 6 of chargen and some previous versions. I have done a clean uninstall and reinstalled. Even reinstalled to a different drive. There is only one chargen.xml in my override folder. I've been installing them manually because Vortex and DA mod manager not working either.


there was a tip to remove these files:
Human Female:


as they said these files weren't compatible with DA redesigned.


Also from the comment thread was not to delete the bad files from the file reference in chargen compiler.


If you can help here, please do and thanks

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