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Unit levels reset to 11.2

by 1004281457225

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Unit levels reset to 11.2

★★★ Newbie

Product: Command & Conquer: Rivals
Platform:Android Phone
List the specific devices you play with (e.g. iPhone 6s Plus, Samsung Galaxy S7) Huawei mate 20pro
OS Version 10
What is your Player ID? 1004281457225
What type of issue do you have? Gameplay
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
Summarize your bug I have upgraded several units from 11.3 to 12.3, after a new seasob reset, it appears to be left with 11.2 for some reasons. Is this normal?
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? I guess replay my event on your test platform?
Connection Type Mobile
Please select your region Asia, North America, South America
Country Thailand

After a season reset, my units from 12.3 lost all levels back to 11.2 

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Re: Unit levels reset to 11.2

★★★★ Pro

If you are currently playing in Diamond League, then the maximum level that is usable for your units is 11 (plus training).

In Master, this is 13.

In Tiberium, it is 15.


So, even if your units are level 12 or higher, you will not be able to use them as level 12 units in Diamond League. This is intentional and is called a level cap on your units.

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