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TA Funds different between 2 accounts

by werewombat

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TA Funds different between 2 accounts

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I have 2 accounts that I play every day, switching between them, on the same browser - Chrome.

For my first account, when I click on "Add Funds", it offers 90,000 TA Funds and lets me purchase them with no problem.

If I log out completely using the in-game log out (not by just closing the browser) and log into my 2nd account, adding funds only offers 50,000 as the max amount.

I can purchase funds on my 2nd account, but only at the lower rates, which is not what I want.

I have cleared the cache on the browser, logged in with account 1 and all looks ok with 90,000 funds, but account 2 still only offers 50,000 funds as the max amount.

I have tried logging into my 2nd account using Firefox and Microsoft Edge browsers and I still have the same problem.



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