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Patch Notes for Server Update on Dec 11, 2019

by EA_Avinash

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Patch Notes for Server Update on Dec 11, 2019

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EA Community Manager



We have a new unit launching with today's update! NOD gets a new Aircraft Unit with SHADE. Read on to find out everything you need to know about this unit - New Unit Showcase - SHADE 




Along with this, we have a balance update too. What changed? -



1. Dr. Liang (Nerf)
-> HP: 650 - 430
-> Reduced cost to 40

> This will allow units to more easily counter the Liang and its drone in missile flip scenarios.

2. Solomon (Buff)
-> Reduced cost from 150 - 130

> This ensures Ion Cannon improvised availability for tempo plays.

3. Jump Jet Troopers (Buff)
-> Health increase: 200 - 220

> Increased health will allow them to take a little bit more incidental damage while moving around the battlefield.

4. Shockwave Troopers (Buff)
-> Increased Speed from Average to Fast (6.9)

> Increased speed will allow units to bring more emphasis at the early part of the game.


5. Kane (Buff)
-> Reduced cost from 130 - 110

> This will make our most iconic Commander viable in the game against Infantry.

6. Fanatics (Nerf)
-> Damage to Vehicles from 32 - 18

> Fanatics are overperforming against vehicles. This will bring Fanatics on par with Shock and Flame Troopers.

7. Jade Catalyst Missile (Nerf)
-> Missile Damage to structure from 3500 - 2500
-> Chemical Explosion Damage to structure from 2250 - 2500

> This will ensure it's less viable to just spam catalyst missiles alone.

8. Chemical Warriors (Nerf)
-> Damage to Vehicles from 15 - 10

> Chemical Warriors was getting quite powerful against vehicles. This will make sure optimum damage is dealt to vehicles.

9. Flame Troopers (Buff)
-> Increased Speed from Average to Fast (6.9)

> Increased speed will allow units to bring more emphasis at the early part of the game.

10. Attack Bikes (Nerf)
-> Added override to Damage to Air from 244 - 223
-> Added override to Damage to Vehicles from 244 - 210

> Attack bikes currently trade favorably with nearly every vehicle and air unit. This change ensures their power level is in line with other units.


What about the bugs reported here? All the major bugs (including the iOS Tiberium glitch) have been looked at by the team and are being worked on for a resolution in our later update.

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Re: Patch Notes for Server Update on Dec 11, 2019

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★★ Apprentice



Thank you for this.


But can we also fix zone troopers and Lazer drones attack sequence? They are not working as intended and are quite over performing because of this. 


Or at least nerf them. 


Regarding nod-

Overall nod cannot win vs lazer drones ( if you do not have them in your deck) and razorback, so it will be nice if this units get changed in some way.


Regarding tech-

Can we redesign tech and tech units in general? It is not fun to play against tech such as mammoth, avatar, zone troopers, sandstorm and other in certain situations. If there is a tech player, the game is simply a race to tech, there is not much interaction or skill involved. I am not sure why rivals needs to have such passive game play design.


You could make tech units cheaper but a lot weaker.



I am sure you could do some testing with  volunteers from terminus balance experts (number 1 alliance)and see that this needs to be changed. 



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Re: Patch Notes for Server Update on Dec 11, 2019

★ Apprentice

I agree with you. I can't understand why they just buffed the chemical cloud explosion to 2500.


Also on the list of broken things :


  1. Bikes were fine, the nerf of pitbull made them stronger. Now they are weak to drones again that cost less. Bad move.
  2. Zone trooper sequence shoot is too fast. They can't be beaten.
  3. Razorback is too strong but for many the only solution still for chem troops
  4. Chem troops on vehicle was not an issue, their health is.
  5. Mammoth is still too overpowered since the cost reduction of temple/techlab, the cost of temple/tech should be reverted to 150.
  6. A complete rework of tech with less health on them would be a major change in the right direction for this game.
  7. Jade is not fixed, you made it worse with the 2500 buff to cloud explosion.
  8. Listen to shuukit from Kraut Kontrol, he has a full list of what you guys need to take care.
  9. Buffing the shock and flame in speed or kane or solomon ? Low usage units, well it can bring you money maybe.
  10. Where is the vanity ?

I am really not happy about the jade "nerf". Jade nerf would make Chem troops easier to kill. Right now they will just make it to the other base no matter what you have to defend and blow up the base even more than before. What a nerf....

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Re: Patch Notes for Server Update on Dec 11, 2019

★★ Apprentice



Thank you for this. 


But can we also-


Fix Lazer drones and zone troopers attack sequence. It was not reverted as it was before. Now they shoot fast and are over performing or at least nerf them.


Regarding Nod-


Overall Nod cannot deal with Lazer drones (unless it has them in the deck) or razorback. Can we please change this units in some way?


Regarding Tech-


Can we redesign tech and tech units? It is not fun to play against unstoppable forces and I do not see how this even fits with rivals. Tech such as mammoth, avatar, zone troopers, sandstorm can dominate everything when they are out. When there is tech player, the game is all about tech racing. There is no interaction or skill. 


The easy solution would be to make tech units as good as any other or a bit more stronger and a lot less cheaper. 


Maybe we can even limit how much tech you can have in deck, will make lower bracket games better.




All this can be checked by you, I am sure volunteers from terminus shores (number 1 alliance) will be happy to assist you as well. And show you other problems.



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Re: Patch Notes for Server Update on Dec 11, 2019

★★★★★ Guide

1. The HP nerf was not the correct solution. A better solution would be to make healing better for units with low HP (so increase flat HP regeneration), make healing worse for units with high HP (so decrease % max HP regeneration), and make it so the unit cannot capture pads anymore. This way people should be using the drone the intended way - healing their units, instead of stealing launch pads. With decreased HP, pad stealing is still possible if the enemy unit cannot shoot air.


2. Solomon buff was nice, maybe 120 would have been even better.


3. JJTs feel weak after the previous nerfs, and this little buff will most likely not do much. But I might be wrong here, let's see.


4. Making shockwaves faster might actually bring them back into tib league. However, before this can happen, razorback needs a nerf.


5. Kane needs a rework. He is so weak, in 13lade's tierliest he is in the bottom tier and already falling out of that one too. How about decreasing damage, increasing attack speed and adding AoE? This way it can deal with infantry better, but can also destroy multiple small vehicles (like pitbull).


6. Fanatics were OP, nerf was needed.


7. FINALLY this toxic Jade base-bomb strategy got nerfed. It was so stupid when the enemy did nothing more than throw missiles at the base.


8. I don't get the chem warrior nerf. Their damage against vehicles wasn't high to begin with, its their HP that is problematic.


9. Same as shocks.


10. THIS is a good change! Attackbikes were everywhere. Finally they got slowed down. HOWEVER, there is now a new problem: Nod cannot fight laserdrones that well anymore. But those were already strong, so I guess there now are even more reasons to nerf them in the next patch.



All in all this was an ok patch. For the next one, stuff to be looked at should be:

- a lot of problems with various tech units

- razorback a bit too strong

- as mentioned above, laserdrones

- obviously the shade needs adjustments


Looking forward for the next patch. I hope it won't take 3 months again...

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Re: Patch Notes for Server Update on Dec 11, 2019

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★★★ Novice

@xMaksussMost clueless patch ever.


Nothing says "we weren't listening" like a patch like this.


Sure wanted to see vanity items, but it appears were not being heard.


Heavy infantry speed increase? Who and where was that requested? Scarabs need to be fastest.




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Re: Patch Notes for Server Update on Dec 11, 2019

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★★★★★ Guide

@davoonlinecom  it had some nice additions, and finally that stupid Jade strat is no more. Bike nerf was also desperately needed.

However, all the other changes were kinda unneeded. Other, more important issues, should have been looked at first, like the tech issues. THEN they can add comfort changes like the kane buff, but only THEN.

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Re: Patch Notes for Server Update on Dec 11, 2019

★★★ Novice

Been filling jade for a month this is awful for me

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Re: Patch Notes for Server Update on Dec 11, 2019

★★★★★ Apprentice

Wow, we got a new dumb amateur at game balance with low effort stupid changes.

Just play the game as perfectionist, because it makes lot more sense in the end result.


Just revert JJT to when they were 50 cost. Changing them to 40 cost and reducing their stats was a failed experiment a d a unit with fastest movement speed and that movement type shouldn't be that spammable. They were respectable and good at 50 cost, so just revert.


The Jade changes are relly good, reguarding the damage it deals to the base, but it is still inconsistant, as a low effort and on damand nuke.


Nut sure if the Fanatic nerfs were needed. Bad players use them as 30 cost Militants and they get little value from the boost. If their buff gets nerfed, we can expact that it would make little difference in performance of them for bad players.

The buff duration should be reduced to 5 sec, or even 3.5 sec. Having a shorter buff is fitting with their theme.


Flame and Shock troopers didn't needed a buff. They are not that efficient as an infantry counter but I think that what harms them the most, is that the meta is too fast and the economy is busted. There isn't a good point during a match where they could shine.


Reducing the attack range of units is unavoidable. During the period of OP tank meta, while tanks didn't have lock on time and first attack delay, they were able to get shots off from the outer edge of the tile, but you cannot fix every raider unit with that method. Disroptor can still get some long range shots off, with an effective attack range of 3.5, if both the Disruptor and the target move to the outer edge of the tile.


Attack bikes remind me to these OP raider units. They can sneak some shots in, while the attack target is barly on the adjasent tile.

I suggest a movement speed, first attack and attack ra ge nerf for bikes. There is too much value in spamming bikes and a damage nerf will just make them inconsistant in a different way.


The rest of the changes are awful. They are low effort and bad or need to be lot more complex. I don't wish to comment on those now, but if the tendency of bad gameplay balance changes continue, it is worth quitting the game.

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Re: Patch Notes for Server Update on Dec 11, 2019

★★★★★ Apprentice

Worst balance patch since I am playing the game. Jade, fanatics OK. Flame/shock/bike WTF??? The others are... meh. Again WTF is the bike nerf? 


Please ensure that you hire competent playtesters and please tell us that the next update is already under construction because I believe there are more pressing issues here than chem troop vehicle damage.

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