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Match up fairness

by Nettle47

Original Post

Match up fairness

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when are you going to make the match ups fairer?

level 8 against level 12!!! It’s supposed to be a game of strategy not  annihilation.

live played upwards of 20 games straight and each one is a challenge match with much much higher opponents. It’s simply no fun as you don’t stand any chance in a battle.

ive asked this question a few times now with no response.


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Re: Match up fairness

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There are likely not enough new players in this game today to give you better matches. Very many players in Master League now have level 13 decks, so if you play in Master League, you will meet such opponents and many of them.


Try to play in a lower league, where the level cap protects you from meeting players with higher level units. If you were close to moving up from your current league, then you could intentionally lose games to stay in that league you are in. The next season reset will then move you down in leagues. You can use that to your advantage, and try to move up higher in leagues when your units are levelled better.

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