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by Lucky_DarkNick

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This week pro race, Only 57 people participated in the Nod pro - race. 


Before the race begins, my nod rank was tib-14th (over 4600 point) 


The first problem is that 43 people with qualifications, including me, couldn't participate because of the system bug.

Not only me but also those who were originally eligible to participate in the pro-race are currently experiencing this problem.

The second problem is that 2996 point user is in pro-race. I'd like to ask why he's participating in the pro-race. 


The third problem is that compensation is unlikely to come because it is perceived as not participating in the Nod pro-race.


Please leave an answer to the quick fix of system errors and let us know how to compensate for this problem.


I attach a photo of our Clan members who had a problem and only 57 people participated in the pro-race.

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