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Game Balance and Matchmaking - We want your feedback!

by EA_Alexander

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Re: Game Balance and Matchmaking - We want your feedback!

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Welcome Stephen to the ever continuing telling of low level folks that GDI counters exist at higher levels and that level unlock changes are a better answer than nerfing well balanced units.

I'm sorry to say it never stops, people either don't listen or new people show up having just gotten into the alpha and don't read any old posts that answer questions/solve their problems.

All this said, I do actually still give nod the slight edge over GDI, but not for lack of counters, more because Jade is honestly the best commander in the game right now, which has little to do with her, really its a map balance thing, several high level maps (Hi Broken Mesa) utterly imbalance her otherwise fine ability.

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Re: Game Balance and Matchmaking - We want your feedback!

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I've never seen a worse lie 😂

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Re: Game Balance and Matchmaking - We want your feedback!

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Yes, everybody that doesn't agree with your delusional assessment must be "low level"


You couldn't just be wrong 🙄


Both you kids are probably beating up on actual low level opponents and pretending your obvious advantage is the same as game balance

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Re: Game Balance and Matchmaking - We want your feedback!

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Hmm.. you seem to be getting a bit agressive. All I'm saying is both my factions are about the same level and it was easier to get GDI there even without access to units like sandstorm or Titan, both of which I still do not have. I also just very recently got jump jet troopers.

Also "low level" is not meant as an insult but as an objective fact based on the amount of medals one has obtained using both factions. I play players of all levels due to the low player pool, and at the sector I am in it tends to match me with players on average 100-600 points above me.

Take from that what you will, and if you're thinking I'm bragging about "beating up noobs" or some nonsense just realize, the reason this alpha exists is to get feedback from the community. You could at least try to make yours useful.
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Re: Game Balance and Matchmaking - We want your feedback!

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Some units still need tweaking as they counter units that are supposed to actually counter them. Example here


Flame tanks actually counter scorpion tanks and bikes very well. Tried this and failed. 


I'll post more later as I have time

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Re: Game Balance and Matchmaking - We want your feedback!

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Figured after reaching another milestone of Level 10 I would give some feedback on what I have witnessed and experience from my matches. First off I would like to say the balance changes made to the Rockworm and Orca were very appreciated and has made them a lot less overwhelming to face, especially now that you can actually punish the Rockworm and it does not instantly reburrow. The Orca reload time increase was very needed and I would say it was the best change made, however the speed decrease was perhaps a bit much as I now find that the Orca has trouble running from many of its counters like the Talon, Pitbull and Attack Bikes which is good for counterplay and definitely makes you have to play very tactical with them as they are a lot more fragile than they used to be. I especially liked the changes to the Missile Squads, Laser Squads and Attack BIkes as it makes them feel like they can really tackle and contribute damage now. I would however like to mention that while Missile Squads and Laser Troopers got an increase to their initial attack time and subsequent attacks, I feel the Jumpjet Troopers got left out and they suffer from that rigid attack time that the previous anti vehicle infantry used to suffer so perhaps giving them a similar treatment would be an idea as I don't think it would make them too strong seeing as they are a strictly anti vehicle infantry.


I have definitely been enjoying the GDI Kodiak as it feels like they combined the best qualities of the Titan and Sandstorm into one air unit, which I have been loving so no complains. Didn't get it early enough when it was still 110 Tiberium but I must say that price was a little cheap for the fact that it is basically an aerial version of a Titan with the firing arc of a Sandstorm. I am not sure how to feel on Colonel Jackson as his Heroic Charge Attack Speed and Movement Speed increase can be a little too advantageous at times as it realistically increases the DPS of the unit and may it allow a unit to win a battle it should not have because of it but I am guessing that is the point of the ability in the first place, curious to unlock Oxanna Kristos considering a 40% increase in movement and attack speed already is quite strong, I can only imagine what a 75% increase is like.


Having gotten to unlock the Nod Artillery and GDI M.R.L.S on the same day, I can say that I enjoyed them a fair bit as well. The Nod Artillery I think is quite monstrous seeing as it is good against infantry (at base level of 5 with no training it two shots Tech Lab/Temple of Nod elite infantry like the Confessor Cabals, Cyborgs and Zone Troopers. One shots most basic infantry at or one level above it!), vehicles (this one I haven't gotten to try too much but from the damage around 2-3 shots for any vehicle) and structures (easily destroys the Minigun turret in one shot and Obelisk of Light in two shots, along with heavy base damage each shell does around 1/8 of the base HP). The GDI MRLS is similar in that it is exceptional against vehicles and structures almost on par with Nod's Artillery, however I think it may be a little too effective on infantry in that one barrage takes just about any infantry squad to half health with about 2-3 barrages to fully eliminate a squad. I can say they serve as a good defender and offensive unit but can easily create a very entrenched position that may be hard to defeat once paired with other late game units. Have not gotten to try the GDI Disruptor Tank but hopefully it shows up soon enough in the card shop or through a chest.


Regarding the overall unit balance I would say it is going fairly well at the moment, my only complaint is that perhaps GDI Rhino and Talon along with Nod Raider Buggy and Venom could us a bit of a damage increase as currently they get out DPS'd by the basic GDI Rifleman and Nod Militants of the same level by a fair amount which does not make a lot sense as how does a vehicle with a mounted heavy machine gets outdamaged by a squad of men with assault rifles. Also perhaps the GDI Wolverine could use an increase in its damage as it also gets out DPS'd by its counterpart the Nod Confessor Cabal by a fair margin. To put it into perspective the level 5 untrained Confessor Cabal Squad does 315 DPS to the level 6 untrained Wolverine which does 242 DPS! I don't know about you but I don't see how a unit one level higher is doing less DPS than one that is almost identical but one rank lower, sure the level 6 Wolverine has 4275 HP to Level 5 Confessor Cabal 2505 HP (if anyone has the level 6 base Confessor Cabal health along with DPS value that would help further this discussion) but I don't think having greater survivability should leave the Wolverine out DPS'd with the fact it is a vehicle with far heavier gattling guns than could ever be utilized by an infantry force.

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Re: Game Balance and Matchmaking - We want your feedback!

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🙄 disagreeing with you doesn't mmake me "aggressive"

Grow a sense of humor


Nod cyborgs eat the sandstorm and jjsut about every other gdi unit for lunch. Combined with Kane's obelisks which pretty much instakill everything, gdi can't win unless the nod player is especially bad. 

I'd love to hear how youre supposedly countering that though.


And my point was that dismissing everyone input as invalid based on the asinine presumption that they're just too low level to counter what they perceive to be overpowered is fallacious.


I'm making myself plenty useful offering feedback that actual actually matters while you're just here telling everyone else why they're wrong which helps no one. 

Thanks for your concern though sweetie 😘

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Re: Game Balance and Matchmaking - We want your feedback!

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Look, nobody is saying get better or you need to reach a higher level and all will be right, we're saying that yes, this is a problem, but it's solved by changing the level things unlock at, because these stop being problems once you have said unlocks, where if you nerf these units even more they'll just be completely unplayable. Because yeah, snipers wipe out cyborgs, as do disruptors, but it sure doesn't help that they unlock at level 12. Its not like we're sitting here going "you're wrong" and not offering solutions, we're saying hey solutions exist, these should probably be more accessible to everyone. If you think there is some reason nerfing cyborgs yet again is a better option than making counters available sooner then by all means lets discuss it, but you aren't exactly discussing this, you just came in and started berating folks.

And yes I probably could have typed this whole thing out to explain rather than short handing it all to "GDI counters exist at higher levels and level unlock changes are a better answer than nerfing well balanced units." but I figured the mass of discussion around the forum about this being a good solution was enough for me to shorthand it.

As to what you might do in the meantime until a patch shows up, riflemen do great, many people in the top 10 still use riflemen/militants in those situations instead of building expensive counters, they're not ideal and I'll be the first to tell you that you should probably get access to snipers (or some new anti-infantry unit) around the time nod gets flametroopers, but they are definitely your best bet short term,especially when combined with pressuring your opponent enough that they can't sit back and spam out those high tech units.
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Re: Game Balance and Matchmaking - We want your feedback!

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Scarabs. I understand you are trying to create units with unique relationships with eachother. Scarabs are the the worst unit gameplay wise in the game.


The counterplay is being where the opponent is moving to before he decides to move there. Well that is the soft counter play because even if you catch it in transit - the player can just make the last scarab crash and kill pretty much whatever you had.


Oh and if they mess up that is fine, they will just spam scarabs until they finally hit your harvester.


If I deny their scarab rush and save my harvestors, that should be a considerable advantage. But what ALWAYS happens is the enemy spams scarabs until they finally get a harvestor down and then that is game. They have a few tech lab unit and they start busting out cyborgs supported by scarabs.


Scarabs should not hit air.


Scarabs should not one shot nearly everything.


If so make it something that you actually have to skillfully do - not just spam and profit. It is 5x harder to defend against a scarab than to wield one. Not only that it is 100x harder to stop scarab spam. It's WAY TOO EASY.


This unit punishes strategic play. Why try to outplay your opponent when you can just win off of one good scarab hit to the harvestor?

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Re: Game Balance and Matchmaking - We want your feedback!

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Oh yeah, this should go without saying, but the way you have the unlocks set up is absolutely devastating. You are punishing GDI players because Nod units are simply overpowering earlier on when you don't have everything unlocked.


Especially when used with Kane - Nod is vastly superior. If you guys decide to go through with this system, you will lose the majority of your player base before they even unlock half of the units.


Being punished simply because important cards are locked behind RNG crates is infuriating. It makes one want to uninstall the game. Why would I play a game when I a doomed to lose from the very start. It is not much of a game for the GDI player if the only chance the GDI player has is if the Nod player makes a grave error.


One should be rewarded for outplaying the opponent, not punished because of the faction they chose.

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