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Challenge Battle Adjustments - Jan. 30

by EA_dance210

Original Post

Challenge Battle Adjustments - Jan. 30

Community Manager (retired)

We have made some adjustments to Challenge Battles. Read below for the full details.



All Challenge Battles:
“Earning double Medals for a Challenge Battle victory is accelerating players into higher leagues more quickly than they can level up their units. We’re adjusting how Challenge Battles work to account for this.”
- When a player has a Challenge Battle, they will still not lose Medals for a Defeat. However, they will now earn normal Medals for a Victory, down from earning double.
- When a player wins a Challenge Battle, they will now also earn bonus Experience.


Unknown Enemy Units:
“This Challenge Battle was triggering very frequently due to commanders. While there are many different units to choose from, the selection of commanders is more limited. In addition, when fighting a commander, exact knowledge of what they do is generally less critical than knowing what a unit does. This Challenge Battle was also triggering frequently for max level players whenever a new unit was released, despite players of that tenure being experienced enough to fight them successfully. We’re making some adjustments to account for this.”
- The Unknown Enemy Unit Challenge Battle will no longer trigger if your opponent has a Commander you don’t have unlocked.
- The Unknown Enemy Unit Challenge Battle now also requires your opponent to be higher player level than yourself.


High Level Units:
“To prevent players from accelerating into leagues where every match would be a Challenge Battle, this battle had a requirement that your average army level had to be within 3 levels of your League’s level cap. This was more restrictive than necessary in practice, and we’re making some changes to allow these to trigger more frequently when facing opponents with high level units.”
- A player’s average army level now needs to be within 4 levels from their League’s cap, up from 3.
- There is now an additional requirement that the opponent’s average army level now must be within 1.5 levels of your League’s cap.


Challenge Battle Bug Fixes:
- Fixed an issue where Challenge Battles based on Medal count didn’t trigger when a player in Master League faced a player in Tiberium League
- Fixed an issue where unit based Challenge Battles were triggered by Commanders.

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Re: Challenge Battle Adjustments - Jan. 30

★★ Novice

This is *, challenge rounds dont offer much for the inferior now. Playing against a commander, such as the ion cannon, is major advantage when playing against lower level opponents and should be considered a challenge round. The game is about strategy,  but when playing with a half full deck, even the best strategist will loose to an average player with a significant  superior arsenal! ... 

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Re: Challenge Battle Adjustments - Jan. 30

★★★ Novice

Challenge battles are the only way that this game redeems the “pay to win” culture that is developing in mobile games. The way this recent change is addressing the basically giving up on the free2play community.

Who actually has units with 1.5 levels of the league cap? The top players have level 12 units, but the cap is 15 in tiberium. Am I forced to stay out of the top league because I like spending money on the rest of my life?

i love the change of removing 2x medals for challenge battles. It hurts me personally, but it’s smart. Unfortunately, reducing the triggers for those challenge battles at the same time makes the F2P player feel even worse about the constant bombardment of high level units.

If someone uses units that are a stat-check (units that do well against themselves like tanks), the only factor in how effective they are is the level. Any low level player who uses basic infantry, tanks, nod bikes, etc will lose 100% against higher level units. That would be less annoying if that weren’t best strategies for taking on someone with advanced units that are locked.

so, either we lose a regular battle against high level units, or we lose a challenge battle against high tech units, or probably both.

i use nothing but level 8 or 9 units in the tiberium league, and it gets frustrating to constantly fight rich kids with too much access to daddy’s credit card paying a company that is more interested in the whales than the rest of us. If you want a game that dies in 1 year, keep it up. Otherwise, don’t cater to the rich.

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Re: Challenge Battle Adjustments - Jan. 30

★ Apprentice

You don't like playing vs. Player with High Level Units? Pay!...or stay in your low League... really?


Even 1 level difference is already not a fair match, you really give a *, you want people to pay.


But I won't pay these too high prices, I will soon just stop playing if it bothers me too much.


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Re: Challenge Battle Adjustments - Jan. 30

★★★ Newbie

You have to do a better job of integrating friends. Can’t even invite them to join clan. I’d like to simply click the friend and send invite to join and or to send them a challenge invite. It would be sweet to wager cards and currency as well between friends during the challenge. But only upon agreement. 

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Re: Challenge Battle Adjustments - Jan. 30

★★★★★ Newbie
They’ll make plenty in that year and cash out to the next hit
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Re: Challenge Battle Adjustments - Jan. 30

★★★★★ Guide
you guys do realize that these changes make challenge battles better in every way?

A) They are easier to trigger when you are a lower level. 4 levels below league cap instead of 3.

B) You don't want medals from winning, you want exp. Exp gets you crates and unlocks. Medals gets you HARDER MATCHMAKING! Matchmaking is based solely on levels, so if you win a challenge battle, you went up like half a matchmaking bracket! Now you aren't punished for winning challenge battles.

"The game is about strategy, but when playing with a half full deck, even the best strategist will loose to an average player with a significant superior arsenal! ... "

This isn't the case. You never play without a commander. And the starting commanders are actually some of the best ones. Strongarm is used by some of the top players, and same with Seth. Yea, they aren't flashy with ion cannons, but you aren't at a disadvantage for not being able to use them yet.

You guys need to calm down and actually read the patch notes rather than jumping down poor Dance's neck. All of this is to help you, the little guys. None of this helps the pay to win players.
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Re: Challenge Battle Adjustments - Jan. 30

★★★★★ Apprentice
💞 for BattaIia ⬆⬆⬆
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Re: Challenge Battle Adjustments - Jan. 30

★★★★ Novice

So..... you openly allow players to level up to max level then lose matches to drop to lower leagues........... if you want fair even playing field then stop allowing players to drop their league after they’ve advanced. New players under level 10 shouldn’t be playing units that you can’t unlock until level 60. I am constantly facing mammoth and juggernaughts at level 34......... how does that even happen??? You are only giving benefits to people who are paying a lot of money to play. When I defeat someone with mammoth tanks and max level I should be getting a substantial reward and these scrubs going to max level then intentionally leveling down in leagues should have things taken away from them. You cannot allow level 60 players and level 10 players to be fighting. There is zero chance to win. 

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Re: Challenge Battle Adjustments - Jan. 30

★★★★ Novice

You missed the point, why should a level 10 players be stuck fighting players that have reached max level?? That’s the issue this game has. A bunch of scrubs are paying thousands to get units leveled up then losing to level back down in leagues. This shouldn’t be happening. 

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