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Balance Update - Nov. 28

by EA_dance210

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Balance Update - Nov. 28

Community Manager (retired)


We have made Tiberium economy and unit balance changes.


Reverted the economy changes from Update 1.2:
- Tiberium economy ramps every 30 seconds (was 36 seconds)
- Harvester bounties increased to 100 (was 80)



  • Cost increased to 150 (was 130)



  • Speed increased to 4.5 (was 3.9)



  • Obelisk Health reduced to 4000 (was 6000)



  • Unloaded speed boost reduced to 45% (was 50%)



  • Damage vs Aircraft increased to 293 (was 250)


Tick Tank

  • Reduced deploy time to 2 seconds (was 5 seconds)
  • Reduced undeploy time to 0.5 seconds (was 2 seconds)
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Re: Balance Update - Nov. 28

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Not sure how I feel about the Titan cost and Obelisk health, but that Banshee damage against aircraft can be a real game changer

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Re: Balance Update - Nov. 28

★★★ Newbie

The Tiberium ramping speed has ruined the game for me. I noticed it ramped faster after one of the updates when no matter how many harvesters I took out, my opponent was still able to get high tech units out. The change to 36sec felt like the game had been balanced again and I was able to get out of the quagmire that was Diamond league.


Now that it is back to 30sec, the strategy is gone. Don't bother building rifle infantry, the economy ramps fast enough that your opponent can sustain putting out flame/chem/shockwave troops without issue. Or better yet overrun you with rocket bikes and chem buggies. If they do use rifle infantry, be prepared for the onslaught that is coming from the 4 other tech units in their lineup they have coming from their Tech Center/Temple of Nod.


I'm walking away from this game for a few days before I decide to keep playing or not. It was a lot of fun for a long time, and I put in $20 to show my support early on, but this faster ramping economy has taken the fun and diversity out of the game. Maybe it would be different if I was in the Tiberium League where I could try wild new setups because, it wouldn't matter if I was losing points since there is not another tier to reach. Right now I am fighting through Masters and can't stand watching my progress up to M1 go sliding back to the entry of M3.

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Re: Balance Update - Nov. 28

★★★★★ Guide

Masters is a quagmire of a meta. Very difficult to predict. Rifles are mainly for scouting, not for fighting. If you are getting beaten by tech, keep in mind 2 things


1) You need to identify they have gone tech. Rifles before your harvester can help with this. 


2) if they go double harvester you are on a timer. You need to keep the nuke charging at all times, while forcing them to defend their harvester/base. Keep them building units. If they have a tech build, they probably have a hole in their build. Maybe they can't kill jump jet troopers, maybe they can't kill tanks. Find the weakness and exploit it, but keep that nuke charging. By the time they just get their tech out, all you need to do is hold those pads for another 10-15 seconds as the final nukes gets ready. Rush the pads, and hold them for a win. 


It's a tough strategy to overcome sometimes, but it is a winnable on. Come by the discord sometime if you need more help!

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Re: Balance Update - Nov. 28

★ Novice

Just my 2 cents on remaining balance issues.

- Flame Troops and Shockwave are overperforming (including fact that they seem glitch and attack 2 tiles away sometimes). I feel they wreck Rifles and Militia too hard to make Rifles worth opening.

- Stealth Tank -needs slight buff, reload is too long and/or re-stealth too long. Damage is way off vs. some units (can't one shot drones of same level for example)

- Inferno - This unit it cancer. Way too strong against vehicles given how strong it is at defending making it impossible to counter with some decks.

-Rockworm- It's trash... you NEVER see it.

- Nod Artillery - Meme unit, really hard to use because you can't control how the cone is set up manually. Needs shorter set up time to compensate or unit fixed.

-Tib Trooper- Feels too expensive compared to Flame Performance.

-Sandstorm- Vehicle damage was nerfed too hard, it's pretty useless now.

-Juggernaut- Too hard to use due to friendly damage to your own units.

- Mammoth - Too expensive... I think you need to reduce it's HP and make it cheaper

Personal Opinion - Don't allow Ion Cannon and Cat. Missile to target base. This just leads to annoying cheese decks where you lose despite outplaying your opponent merely because they can bank Tiberium and get sight of your base with Drones or Venom.

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Re: Balance Update - Nov. 28

★★★ Newbie

May want to take a look at the Jade missle vs. Obelisks or perhaps structures in general. I had an opponent destroying my level 9 Obelisk just as fast as I deployed it with a level 9 Jade. According to the stats of my level 9 Jade, the missle should only deal just over 3,700 damage which is a lot less than a structure rated at over 7,000hp.

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