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Balance Update - Dec. 6

by EA_dance210

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Balance Update - Dec. 6

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Community Manager (retired)

We have a balance update to adjust several units. Please see below for details on the unit balance changes.


“Drone Swarm has too many strengths early on. Between their ability to snipe points to always being able to quickly gain a favorite position in a fight, we decided to slow them down a bit..”

  • Speed decreased to Fast (was Fastest)

“Players were using this hero power to destroy the base, which leaves the opposing player with very little counterplay. We have made it more difficult to use this strategy.”

  • Damage to structure decreased to 4000 (was 6000)

“This change should keep the DPS of the Hammerhead the same but allow it to kill small targets such as the Drone Swarm more quickly. We have also decreased its life so it is not quite so tanky when holding a point”

  • Health decreased to 1950 (was 2250)
  • DPS unchanged
  • Damage vs Aircraft decreased to 595 (was 700)
  • Damage to the base decreased to 300 (was 500) 
  • Attack delay decreased to 1.7 seconds (was 2 seconds)

“This unit feels powerful when its out and set up. It does a great job of fulfilling the role of a long range artillery but it was just a bit too expensive. This change will allow players to pull it out a little earlier, allowing them to move it into position sooner. With the lower cost, it is easier to replace if destroyed.”

  • Cost decreased to 120 (was 140)

“Often when a Sandstorm faced multiple targets it would end at a disadvantage. This change solidifies it as a unit that you want to hit as many targets as possible at the same time with.”

  • Sandstorm no longer splits damage between enemy units
  • Number of missiles fired is now 12/24/36 (was 12/18/24)

“This change is to fix several issues when level differences are involved”

  • Health decreased to 465 (was 480)
  • Damage increased to 136 (was 130)

“We are happy with the previous buff they received but felt they were not punished enough when caught.”

  • Health decreased to 250 (was 300)

“This change is to fix several issues when level differences are involved.” 

  • Damage vs Aircraft increased to 345 (was 293)
  • Damage vs Vehicles decreased to 20 (was 50)

“Banshee has been a little weak ever since its change. This change will lower its time to kill so its not in danger for quite as long.” 

  • Attack delay decreased to 1.4 (was 1.6)
  • Damage vs Aircraft increased to 345 (was 293)

“Buggy’s DPS to air is now on par with its GDI counterpart.”

  • Damage vs Aircraft increased to 76 (was 67)
  • Speed increased to Fastest (was Fast)

“We increased the cost of the Chem Buggy previously as a safety nerf but we feel it’s time to take the training wheels off this little green machine.”

  • Cost decreased to 60 (was 70)

“Flame tank was in a rough spot. We have increased its damage to infantry and structures to make it fit its intended design.”

  • Damage vs Structures increased to 550 (was 400)
  • Damage vs Infantry increased to 300 (was 200)

“This change is to fix several issues when level differences are involved”

  • Health reduced to 465 (was 480)
  • Damage increased to 68 (was 65)

“With more and more counters being introduced we decided to make the mighty Scoot and Shoot a bit more accessible so it’s not so punishing when it’s destroyed.”

  • Cost decreased to 80 (was 100)

Kane’s Obelisk was.a bit dominate and had the ability to kill harvesters on some maps. This change will make it a bit pricier so it comes out a little later and destroying the tower is more punishing.”

  • Cost increased to 140 (was 120)
  • Damage vs harvesters decreased to 500 (was 1000)

“The Phantom has been the air superiority for Nod with very little air counterplay. We have decreased the EMP to match its reload time so units struck by it have a chance to fight back before they are struck again and can clearly see the time remaining by the reload bar.”

  • Health decreased to 1800 (was 2000)
  • EMP duration decreased to 6.5 seconds (was 10 seconds)
  • Reload time increased to 6.5 seconds (was 6 seconds)

“This change will make Tick Tank a bit tankier above ground, allowing it to get into position while also getting a slight tankiness increase while burrowed.”

  • Health increased to 1800 (was 1400)
  • Damage reduction decreased to 70% (was 75%)

“We are glad that the Widowmaker feels powerful as Nod tech a history of struggling in the past but we wanted to make sure it still matched the design of being an anti-infantry/anti-air unit.”

  • Damage vs Vehicles decreased to 50 (was 100)
  • Cost increased to 90 (was 80)
  • Damage vs Base decreased to 300 (was 400)
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Re: Balance Update - Dec. 6

★★★ Novice

Wow so many changes, and so quickly after the last balance change. Nice to see. I'll certainly comment on the balance changes when I've had a chance to play the game some.


Out of curiousity, have you given any thought to allowing more time between balance changes, to see how the meta shakes out first? This is quite a significant change and meta takes quite a while to form.

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Re: Balance Update - Dec. 6

★★★★★ Apprentice

There is a tiberium hack people popping out top units before I can make one tank

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Re: Balance Update - Dec. 6

★★ Guide
Looks like good changes and some very nice details to the balance patch!
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Re: Balance Update - Dec. 6


You guys are killing it with the flow of balances; I'm gunna test some new strategies right now

CCP Champion Banner - Blue.png

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Re: Balance Update - Dec. 6

★★★ Newbie

So why do I need drones now? I mean fastest speed was main and probably only advantage of this unit  

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Re: Balance Update - Dec. 6

★★★★ Guide

some of the unit feel good now 

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Re: Balance Update - Dec. 6

★★ Novice

The flame tank is too op it can destroy your base in seconds it's a joke and it has too much hp and I can't counter it with anything to the point where I just disconnect from any game against nod because all nod players use that exploit

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Re: Balance Update - Dec. 6


When will the update be released? Already come December 8

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Re: Balance Update - Dec. 6

Hero (Retired)
Loving the game so far.

Already spent couple of bucks with the microtransactions and let's see where it's gonna take me...
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