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by mactheknife666

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can't log on. get pull down that says "contacting EA master server" ; and then locks up. I am running windows 10. is that the problem and I got hosed in buying the game (but it was cheap)

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@mactheknife666 There are no longer official servers for BF2142, the game's online services have been shut down.

However there are some community efforts to keep the game alive, with some news stories doing the rounds in gaming media last week. Perhaps if you check that out you'll have some luck with finding some games. 

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Thats because gamespy shutdown its servers to a bunch of older games in 2014. so the master server no longer works when trying to log in even if you intend to play offline singleplayer. there's a custom/default .ini file that you can google up and place it in the user/document/bf2142 folder (it'll explain better when you find it online) to bypass the login... If you wanna play multiplayer theres a work around mod that you have to set up. a new master server was made available for 2142 multiplayer. mod's called Reclamation mod(also google it or go to and you'll find the rest easily.

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