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Remake of Battlefield Heroes named:Rising Hub.

by Itasorr

Original Post

Remake of Battlefield Heroes named:Rising Hub.

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So there is a remake of game named Battlefield Heroes that was made in 25 June 2009 and shutted down 14 July 2015. The remake of the Battlefield Heroes is named Rising Hub. 1 of the remakes of the game was shutted down for a reason. Rising Hub is a toxic community with toxic leaders. Their servers are up and down whole time,It's few days offline now and sometimes it's up but doesn't say. The point is,The whole discord group of the Battlefield Heroes is toxic. Leader team of the game is toxic too,I can say. Their names are:Bixxy,BFHPTPIRATE,DraksTOP,DarkVenom. DraksTOP and DarkVenom did nothing wrong but Bixxy and BFHPTPIRATE are toxic. Towards to players,Pictures and memes. There's Tester role that is made for some people who can win it and and test new map that their team make.Now,There's a player who got recently his Tester role removed all because of a his profile picute that Bixxy has made. It was re-presenting sing of Black Sun which he doesn't appreciate.Removing someone's Tester role that the problem DOES NOT associate with the group Rising Hub. He texted BFHPTPIRATE about and he did nothing but screenshotted and sent to Bixxy.Bixxy only said that he's a backstabber. Either they troll players and or Relax. Recent Donator got banned because he did something after he deleted it of 1 of their leader team and he got banned for it. This community of re-making old game should be either shutted down or deleted.

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Battlefield Heroes RisingHub

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I have come across a website that claims to be revamping Battlefield Heroes,,and says they salvaged the code and are using it to relaunch the game. The last project I know of got shut down, it was called Revive Heroes. Just wanted to bring this to your attention as I wasn't sure as to why you weren't shutting it down.

Lots of the fan base are wanting a legal Battlefield Heroes game to play and they are forced to come to this website and play, which doesn't even work and has many errors and bugs. I can't understand why you guys aren't taking our opinions into consideration, and seriously thinking about a BFH revamp. Many, many people have said (including JackFrags, a famous youtuber) that BFH was the only game they ever loved, and it was way ahead of its time. I can assure you if you release this game exactly way it used to be people will play it all day long. With the rise of Fortnite and other games, BFH wouldve been great competition.

So, I ask you on behalf of your WHOLE fanbase, please give us some sort of update as to what's to happen with BFHs future, and release it already!

I'm pretty sure that Rising Hub thing cannot be healthy for the games reputation! Many of the fanbase have to come to that game which isn't a good representation of the game, and shows it in a bad light. Please, for the love of God, give us an update on what's to happen with BFH and I hope this has been enough to make even a small change in its future.
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Re: Remake of Battlefield Heroes named:Rising Hub.

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Yea i agree.

Today i tried it out just the same as bfheroes.

But it was not what i hoped.

There was a bug with my discord so i couldt play. I did a little rant about that i was not cheating toxic but in the end i could play again when a mod helped me.

A other mod looked at my rant and was like. If he thinks he was acused of hackung he must have been hacking. 20 min later i was banned again. I asked the server owner and he solved the problem. There was no evedince of me hacking and my stats als indicated that i didn"t hack. I got unbanned from the game. But then the mod stepped in again. He was unhappy that i hurted his status because he was wrong and ip banned my discird. So i still cant play and have no way to cantact a mod ever again. Dont try the risinghub. It a trash comunity leaded by toxic and horrible mods.

Ea take them down for copying your game and hurting the name of your compeny with these filthy mods.


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Re: Battlefield Heroes RisingHub

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The stafvis toxic.
Tgey dont listen to the newplayers.
If you dont agree with a mod they ban you.
I am dissapointed in ea for not looking into them.

They hurt the name of ea and the tittle bfheroes.
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Re: Remake of Battlefield Heroes named:Rising Hub.

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Oh please. prob you're the one who's been a * and now putting it over the non-profitable project. 

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Re: Battlefield Heroes RisingHub

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Not true at all.
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Re: Remake of Battlefield Heroes named:Rising Hub.

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BigGljiba are you a bit butthurt?

the game is great, yea it had a few bugs now much less. the community is toxic? never even used discord, just used it to log in the game, never had a problem with that, if you go tickle the balls to someone don't expect nothing to happen, maybe they are not mature enough, but they worked with heart to bring back this game, something EA did not. EA just wants profit and nothing else, killing every project not worthy, well we scavenged BFH from the trash, let us have fun with it.

if you all are complaining just for the community, just remember what was the community back then with EA, not much different, but this time no play2win.

you are reporting this game just because you want a vendetta of some sort, if you played this game at the beginning you also wanted BFH back, if you were in contrast with the ideology of playing a revived game you would have reported it without even playing it. butthurt kids

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Bring back Battlefield Heroes

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So many people want it back, and if you do bring it back and add some kind of battle royale mode to it, new people will get introduced to it. It's a win win.
Or don't. Apex Legends seems to be doing well

PS: I know you wont bring it back, I just wanted to speak my mind. It's 4am and I just went through a nostalgia trip. This game was my childhood. I hope you'll at least consider it.

also anthem sucks

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Re: Bring back Battlefield Heroes

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Just a battlefield heroes 2 or remastered. with new engine, same way of how it works. idk about a BR tho, might be weird. but could be an option

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Re: Remake of Battlefield Heroes named:Rising Hub.

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Please bring BFH back... i miss it.

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