No Official PS4 servers for BFH

by Andy89DK

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No Official PS4 servers for BFH

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I booted up Battlefield Hardline on PS4 the other day, after not having played it for more than a year. What met me was no Official servers, but only rented servers. I then tried using the matchmaker, but regardless of what game mode I chose, it returned an error. That is a huge problem as it effectively means you cannot play the game anymore, unless you are fine with only playing on a handful of rented servers (with the risk of getting banned). I am not sure how it is on Xbox One (or PS3 and Xbox 360), but I would assume the situation is the same. I have reached out to the Battlefield Community Managers on Twitter, but they seem completely ignorant (as usual?). I would like to know what happened to the Official servers, and also when their discontinuation was announced and where I can read about it.


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