Hardline Shortcut Unlock Did Nothing?

by BrrBrrDeng

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Hardline Shortcut Unlock Did Nothing?

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I recently purchased the hardline ultimate unlock shortcut and really dont see what it unlocked. It looks like it unlocked nothing for me, I restarted the game, EA app, etc. I know its a dead game my son is obsessed with the game and wanted to check out the weapons that we really cant unlock due to the game being dead haha hence purchasing this unlock. Am I missing something do I still need to do something to unlock the weapons? It sounds crazy but my son literally wants to run around an empty server and just play with the weapons/gadgets. If I wasted money its whatever but I was kind of hoping this would at least unlock SOMETHING but it appears it did nothing. Help is appreciated

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Re: Hardline Shortcut Unlock Did Nothing?

Hi @BrrBrrDeng The shortcut kit unlocks base game weapons and equipment, but won't unlock promotional or DLC ones. If the weapons which haven't unlocked aren't DLC or promo ones, EA Help should be able to take a look at why they haven't been granted (help.ea.com).

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Re: Hardline Shortcut Unlock Did Nothing?

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I do not see the Hardline Ultimate Unlock Shortcut; maybe is for the DLCs aka the expansion packs. But, the weapon and gadget unlocks are listed below in the screenshot. You can find them under add-ons in the EA app for the PC; I do not know about console procurement. Please see below:



I hope this helps.

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