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Battlefield bad company 2 problem with CD key

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I have a problem and maybe my words are wrong, because I use google translate.


I have a key problem from the battlefield Bad Company 2 game, I bought the game on Steam, it comes with the Vietnam version and DLC. At that time I didn't know, the redeem key had to be in the game, but I even redeemed it on the EA website (


I can't enter my account into battlefield  Bad Company 2, because I need the CD key.


So, do I have to buy the game again on Steam with a different account, or can I return the CD key?

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Re: Battlefield bad company 2 problem with CD key

@Kuda0529 The most recent advice I've seen about this is to contact EA Help ( or contact them via Facebook/Twitter). Also, from what I understand, you might be able to find it on Steam by right clicking the game, selecting 'Manage' then 'CD keys' (I play on console so I've got that info from older posts, it may not be accurate now).

It's also probably worth mentioning, just in case you didn't know already, that it will no longer be possible to play BFBC2 multiplayer after December 8th this year.

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