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Battlefield Heroes forum

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Hi there,


Is there any chance you guys have saved a copy of the Battlefield Heroes website? I posted alot in the community and seem to have lost an image I uploaded there... (Probably alot more than one actually) I'd like to have it again so I can use it in my resume Confused


Another option for me would be to ask Imgur to search for me, but my IP adress has changed like 8 times from then...


Thanks in advance!

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@Prommerz Sorry, i'm not aware of any such archive. Perhaps you could try the Google Cache version or the Wayback Machine version of the site?


As a bit of a random guess, was this fanart that you created? Perhaps it's mirrored on DeviantArt? Maybe check over there for art with a BF Heroes tag?

Edit: NVM I see the DA page has a bunch of art created by you. 

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Re: Battlefield Heroes forum

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Yeah, I was hoping I uploaded it to deviant, but I probably forgot... I tried the waybackmachine as well which contains mostly stuff from 2011, which is too old... As far as I remember I uploaded it somewhere around 2014.

It's sad that I didn't take my time saving stuff from that forum as I thought the art sections wouldn't be deleted just like that. I remember EAsy being part of EA that managed the whole free to play games.

Thanks anyway.
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Re: Battlefield Heroes forum

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