Battlefield Hardline: Ultimate Edition: On Sale for $7.99

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Battlefield Hardline: Ultimate Edition: On Sale for $7.99

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Battlefield Hardline: Ultimate Edition is currently on sale at the EA store for only $7.99!  That includes all Four Expansion Packs: Criminal Activity, Robbery, Getaway and Betrayal.  It has 27 unique maps and 11 game modes.  As a bonus, will get lots of Battlepacks to open!


If you already own the standard edition of Battlefield Hardline, upgrade to Battlefield Hardline Premium for $7.99 - same as the Ultimate Edition.  Battlefield Hardline Premium gives you the expansion packs and adds them to you your standard edition of Battlefield Hardline.


Purchase through the EA app or the EA website. NOTE: Are you a Steam user?  The EA Store will allow you to purchase at the on-sale price for your Steam account.  Below your will find link to purchase: 


I do not work for EA/Dice, I am a Battlefield fan!  I also host a Battlefield Hardline server in the USA named "Rotten Radical" and wish to grow the community.  Below you will find a link to a guide I created in the "EA Answers HQ" forum a while back to help get started playing Battlefield Hardline. Hope to see you on the Battlefield! 


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Re: Battlefield Hardline: Ultimate Edition: On Sale for $7.99

★★ Guide
@KOT-RottenDeslok Thank you for sharing.
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