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Battlefield 2 modern combat ps2

by dar-and1

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Re: Battlefield 2 modern combat ps2

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Still no news about this? I just found a 8 year old video of gaming footage where I was in the game. I miss this game so much! Frown

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Re: Battlefield 2 modern combat ps2

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Gotta put my 2 cents in as well. 


I loved this game, granted I played it on Xbox and Xbox 360 but I still long to play this game online. I would happily pick up a PS2 and a copy of this game to play it online again. The single player for the game is all fine and well, but online with people is where it really shines. I'd kill to play Deadly Pass, Little Big Eye, Full Frontal or Backstab again. So many memories. PLEASE EA!

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Re: Battlefield 2 modern combat ps2

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I wish this game would come back.. i would spend $100 right now for the game to atleast be remastered
I was
I was number 4 on support leaderboards till i was hacked
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Re: Battlefield 2 modern combat ps2

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Since now, I'm sorry for my bad english.

Hello, I spoke with the multiplay (responsible for bf2mc servers in mid 2010/2011) about the servers and I got two answers

I'll just put the answers, you'll get a sense of what I asked



Hello Pedro,
I'm afraid that we do not have access to any of these files anymore. There is sadly no way for us to host the servers. "
Hello pedro,
That's correct, however it was 6 years ago. Our entire system has changed and we no longer have the ability to host these servers. I've taken a look and we don't even have the files for this game anymore. "
Unfortunately, I have no idea how to get the files, or a company available to put the server online. If not even the company that was responsible for the game in the last years server has the files, I do not know who else could have besides EA
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Re: Battlefield 2 modern combat ps2

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This is the maximum they can get at the moment.

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Re: Battlefield 2 modern combat ps2

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Ps2 is a dead console if you own the physical version just collect it  (I'm looking for one) , otherwise you can still play it on pc with much better experience. 

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Re: Battlefield 2 modern combat ps2

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How can you play it on PC? This is my favourite game of all time and I miss it so much. Hopefully EA gives us the files needed to play it again on PS2 someday. But I'll still be happy to be able to play it on PC, so can you tell us how?

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Re: Battlefield 2 modern combat ps2

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It's June 2017 and I still miss this game. I currently play Battlefields 3, 4 and 1 and I still want to play Battlefield 2. With all the money that EA makes on DLC and Premium, you know the capability is there to support the devoted fan base of Battlefield 2 super fans. It was, and still to this day is, the best gamer community I have consistently played with. My favorite memories of online play exist on Battlefield 2 Modern Combat. First for Xbox, then for PS2 after Xbox went down. I paid $50 for Battlefield 1 premium. I'd pay that much and more to have this old gem restored and brought back online and I'd play it more than any of the cadillac modern games!  


Has anyone found out a way to play on another server or emulation?

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Re: Battlefield 2 modern combat ps2

EA Community Manager

Hey guys, it's really great that so many of you guys love and enjoy Battlefield 2.


Unfortunately, sometimes we have to make an unpopular decision and the online services for games are being terminated. For Battlefield 2 (including Modern Combat), this was almost 3 years ago now. (Source).


My hands are tied in this case - but your love for the franchise is much appreciated.

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Re: Battlefield 2 modern combat ps2

[ Edited ]
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I understand, but we would like to give you the files you need to create servers and rooms for fans. We would be very happy with this, and in fact regarding the server some fans have already put it online again, however as they do not have the files for creating rooms. So it is only possible to create accounts and log in the server, but at the time of creating the error room because of those server files that were lost and that only EA has


Soon below images I did right now on the alternative servers made by fans, but like I said do not create room. Apparently the rooms were created in a dedicated computer, as well as some rooms of bf3 and bf4 for pc. Multiplay which was commissioned by the server shortly before it was closed, said to no longer own the server files / creation rooms with them more

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