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Battlefield 2 modern combat ps2

by dar-and1

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Re: Battlefield 2 modern combat ps2

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I miss this game a lot.  It was one of the first games I played online and is still one of the best.  I was disappointed when I found out last year that Gamespy was shut down, taking this game's servers with it.


It would show a huge commitment to their customers if EA, at the very least, provided the public with the code required just to set up new, fan-supported servers.  From this thread, it's evident there are fans willing and able to implement their own servers.  Please EA, don't be the worst company in America again.  Strive to be the best!




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Re: Battlefield 2 modern combat ps2

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I may as well update you all on the situation. I got in touch with ea asking them to make the dedi public like they did for the pc game. Unfortunately I was told they would not do this. Instead they told me to find a third party server renting company, then get them to message ea and ask for permission to rent out dedis.

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Re: Battlefield 2 modern combat ps2

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it would be so awesome to play this game again. I have all the necessary stuff to run it. The game, old ps2 etc etc.


I miss it so much, as I played it so much during my childhood. Was definitely the best shooter game of all time Standard smile


I'll keep checking this thread, I support this 100%!

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Re: Battlefield 2 modern combat ps2

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I know i just wish ea would realise there is still a fan base. They dont even need to make it official. All they need to do is bung the dedi onto a file sharing site or make it public to dedi renting companies.

More to the point i wish someone from ea would at least reply to this thread. We emailed ea but didnt get a reply in roughly 5 months so can someone please tell me the email address i would need to message to negotiate on the dedi.

Please ea there is hundreds of people wanting this game back why ignore them? All you have to do is release the dedi or guide us in the right direction.
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Re: Battlefield 2 modern combat ps2

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Hey guys, dear EA,


it would be great to get dedicated server files for Battlefield 2 on PS2. I've a little project called GameMaster. We've successfully implemented Star Wars Battlefront 1 and 2 for PC and PS2 and also some other games for both platforms. It would be great if I can get these files anywhere to implement them into our project. That would cost you nothing except some upload time. And it would be great if you could do so...


IMHO it's not okay to let a game "die". As you may see there are some alternatives to get old gamespy games working again. People still want to play old games because they're great.


More Information about us (GameShare Gamemaster):

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Re: Battlefield 2 modern combat ps2

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Hello EA,


Battlefield: Modern Combat was the first Battlefield game I played on a console. It featured large maps, vehicles, great gameplay and atmosphere - a combination that hasn't been seen before on consoles at that time. There are so many good memories I connect with this game, it's basically one of the greatest games from my childhood. When I found out that the servers have been shut down, I got really, really sad.


Now, my greatest hope is that you provide us - the community you created and which still loves your game after all these years - with the needed tools, so we can let this game live again.


Please, do it for us.

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Re: Battlefield 2 modern combat ps2

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Bring it back Please
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Re: Battlefield 2 modern combat ps2

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I just signed up to say. Ya this is bologna I popped it in to play today and nada. The thing is it had a great clan ladder I stopped buying the battlefield games as they took a step backwards after this game. Not including an integrated ladder system is a deal breaker. Killzone kinda has one but it's not as good as battlefield 2 modern combats. I truly am disappointed in fps games in general. My clan thought after battlefield all games would use the same integration seems like a no brainer. I doubt they will release this again in hd for ps4. Just really sad that the best clan game ever made is completely unavailable to play ever again, absolute shame,

Sincerely EZ COMPANY
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Re: Battlefield 2 modern combat ps2

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The key thing you have said there is "completely unavailable to play ever again". People are trying to come back to play their favourite game they have played, perhaps even a large bit of their childhood. If EA see this they should be thinking we will be pleasing so many people simply by handing over one file which will take under a minute to do but will provide years of happiness.

Please EA see there is a large fanbase (shown in this topic and on other sites, there is hundreds of us!) and we are able to log in and go online on this game. All we need now is the dedicated server. The masterlist replacement ia already available, so please EA give us this one file :D
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Re: Battlefield 2 modern combat ps2

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i recently read from some coding forum that someone succesfully emulated gamespy and could run dedicated server from his pc and connect to it with his ps2 . ill try to find that post and link it here

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