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[Battlefield 1943] Network error: Login failed

by m1stergold

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[Battlefield 1943] Network error: Login failed

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ive been trying to log in for 5 days now , im getting really sick of it now , beaceause this is my favorite game , at least tell us what the hell is going on , ive been trying to google and search everyday day about 3 hours to finding a answer or a solution , but i cant find anything , im not even getting a email and im almost a top 1000 player with a huge score on leaderboards , i cant take it anymore


tel me at least who ore what is f***NG up my weekend ? and my score/position on leaderboards  !!!!!

i had planned this week to reach on a milion points so i would be in the top 1000 players list , and now i got this anoying error message all the time


i see friends of my in the usa stil playing bf1943 , im from holland(the netherlands) , and maybe it will help if other people post here were u are coming from so we can get an idea in wich countrys this network error is 2  , thanks for posting already m8's , i think wil have to figure it out ourself's ,


please post in this topic were u come from , and how long u have this network error already


wel since this is my best readed topic and that we dont know how long this issue will going to take i decided to do something else , im trying to insist game developers to make better games , ever wondered why the weapons from bf vietnam 2004 looks better than in bf 3 ?

read it here :


thanks ea for solving this issue , i can finally play again now

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[Battlefield 1943] battlefield 1943

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well, i was told about battlefield 1943 and how fun it is and was told to get it by a friend. And every time i try to play it i wont let me. it says "connecting" then the terms of service pops up and so i accept that and it says login failed.. i am pretty mad sense i just bought the game and i cant even play. iv tried youtubeing solutions and still everything they do does not work.. PLEASE help me!

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Battlefield 1943 can not log in

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I PAID for and downloaded battlefield 1943 for xbox 360 today, made my account with EA and tried to login to play but I can't. I have tried EVERYTHING under the sun ( resetting my clock, making sure all my ports are open, trying to find a boxer, etc. ) I've tried to go onto EA's forums and post a help thread but for some reason I don't have the "privileges" to do so, so I can't even make a thread. (not to mention that you have to log in evertime you click on something)  What can I do to fix this?  ( Network error-login failed )  My next step is to call EA and try to get them to refund my 15$ or my 1200 Microsoft points.

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Re: [Battlefield 1943] battlefield 1943

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Same issue, but I've been playing for a long time.

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Battlefield 1943 login failed

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I know it says 1942 but its actually for battlefield 1943.

So anyway, hi, basically i went to play bf1943 last night, a screen came up asking for my password and email to ea. i clicked through it not really reading (as you do). I cancelled the box and only realised it was a password box once i had cancelled so i assume its trying to auto sign in with no password, so since then i have had "network error: login failed" all my email addresses are the same etc etc. i am sure that if i can get bf or any ea game to prompt for a password that i can manually put in it will all be resolved. So my question is how do i get an EA game to ask for my email and password manually? Most just try and auto sign in. I love bf 1943 and this is the first problem
Ive encountered so any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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Login failed

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Battlefield 1943 will not connect , for a week it has told me " login failed " network error ?
I love this game and am going through withdrawal lol , iv been plying this game for years with no problems.
Any help please
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Re: [Battlefield 1943] battlefield 1943

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Very frustrating ! It's a great game , but this is lame !!
I'm having the same problem for a week or so now
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Battlefield 1943

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Been trying to login for two days. Just keep saying login failed network error. How do I fix this
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Re: Battlefield 1943

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I'm having the same problem. Haven't been able to play for two days. I would also like to know how to fix this issue.

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Re: Battlefield 1943

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I have the same issue.  In fact I can't login to ANY games that require access to EA servers.

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