Origin Client - Move / Locate Installed Games

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Origin Client - Move / Locate Installed Games

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I have bought Battlefield 4 recently, and I started downloading it, when it finished downloading I forgot that I didn't change the install directory to my SSD,

and now I moved my game into the SSD but I cant launch it, it shows like I didn't download it, can someone help me on how to change so my game will launch out of the place where I moved it to? (E:\Origin Games\Battlefield 4) 


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Origin - Moving Games to Another Hard Drive or System

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The Move / Locate game feature was added in the Dec 17, 2018 client update




If you got a new computer or operating system, you can easily move your games from one location to another on your computer so you don’t have to redownload them.

When you’re moving games, only do one at a time. Moving more than one at the same time can cause issues.


To move your game files to a new place on your PC:


  1. Find the game you want to move in your Game Library.
  2. Right-click the game tile and select Move game.
  3. Find the new folder where you want to move the game to.
  4. There are some restrictions to which folders you can use, but Origin will let you know if you can’t use the one you pick.
  5. Click Select Folder.

The game files will all automatically move to the new folder you’ve just selected. The game will then repair itself and make sure all files were moved over correctly. This might take some a little bit of time to do, but once it’s done you’ll be ready to play.


You’ll only be able to move games in this way if:

  • the game is not currently in queue for download
  • you’re not currently playing the game
  • Origin is in online mode.
    • Make sure to stay online while you’re moving games. If Origin goes offline while a game is moving, the move will fail. You’ll have to manually locate the game on your computer using our steps to show Origin where the game is before you can try moving it again.

You can also only move games on PC, as this feature is not available on Mac.


Please note that some third-party games cannot be moved in this way.





Need to help Origin find where one of your game’s files are located on your computer? You can tell Origin where to look so you don’t have to download all the files again.

Here’s how to do that:

  1. Find the game you need to locate in your Game Library.
  2. Right-click the game tile and select Locate game.
  3. Find the folder where the game is located, then click Select Folder.

Origin will then find all the files it needs to redownload and install the game for you.

Happy gaming!


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Can I transfer my origin games to a new computer?

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Hi EA Community!

I am not sure if this question has been explained in depth at all? I am about to receive my new computer (finally a gaming computer) and I am so excited to play my new games. I have all of the Sims 3 Expansions and Stuff Packs all bought from the shops, except two which have been direct downloads but they show up in the origin client, I also have SimCity but as a digital download. I am wondering If I can transfer them over to my new windows 8 pc?

IS this hard? Could someone please give me some detailed instructions?


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Re: Can I transfer my origin games to a new computer?

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Heya, that's not hard at all Standard smile

All your games are tied to your Origin account and not the computer itself, so if you would like to play your games on another computer, simply download and install the Origin client, log in with the same Origin account that you were using before (there is no need to create a new one) and all your games will be sitting in your games library, just as they do now. From there you can download and install them again.


Let us know if that doesn't help or if there are any other questions. 

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Re: Can I transfer my origin games to a new computer?

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Hey there, well they should open up the origin launcher on your new computer and all the games should be there, you may need to re install them to your hard drive but they should be good to go. If you have physical editions/copies just insert the disc from your old computer and it will reinstall the DLC/Game if you want to you can just copy allyour data on to a flash drive and use that to transfer all your data into the new computer! Hope this helps and have fun playing Standard smile

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Re: Can I transfer my origin games to a new computer?

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I am having a problem like this but the games dont show up in  my game library. Any help would be great.

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Re: Can I transfer my origin games to a new computer?

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That might be a stupid question, but please make sure you are logged in with the correct account since games are tied to the specific account they were redeemed on. If you log in with the exact same account that was used here, you should see some games in your library. Also check the filter settings on top of your library and set them to Show All.

If it's still not showing any games for you, please contact a Game Advisor.

You can contact EA Help via the EA Help website. Detailed instructions on how to use the EA Help service can be found here.

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Re: Can I transfer my origin games to a new computer?

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I reinstalled it a couple times and logging in to my account a few times my games showed up thanks for the help

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[HOW TO] Backup/restore Origin games

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# Make a copy of the game folders in C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games (or the location you use as the installation
folder) and save them to a seperate


If you have to (re)install a game:


1 Download and install the latest Origin client from the Origin store if needed. https://www.origin.com/download

2 Start and login to your Origin client.

3 Right click the games you want to install and choose download.

4 Once the downloads are running on those games, pause the downloads

5 Exit the Origin client.

6 Copy back the game folders to C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games and overwrite existing files that were downloaded.

7 After copying, start the Origin client again

8 Resume the downloads.


Origin will now check all the files and only downloads missing/corrupted one. In normal cases this is done very fast and Origin will start installing the game(s)

without the need to download the games again.

Steps 5+7 are not always needed but it is a little saver. Without the client running you are certain no files are being used/read/downloaded

at the time so your files are properly checked when resuming downloads (step 8)


This will not backup your game settings folders! Enable cloud storage to save settings and game saves or copy the game directories

in "your documents".

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Reinstalled Windows, now Origin doesn't recognize my installed games

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I have my Windows copy installed to an SSD, and I recently formatted and reinstalled.


All my games, and Origin, are on a separate HDD.


Now when I log into Origin my purchased games are visible, but it asks me to download them all again instead of using the already installed copies on the HDD.


I can't download games because I live in a rural area and my internet sucks. It would be really great if there were a way to get Origin to see the installs, because otherwise I'm not going to be able to play my games.


I hope someone can give me some pointers. Thanks and don't forget to be awesome!

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Re: Reinstalled Windows, now Origin doesn't recognize my installed games




- copy your game folders on your drive to a seperate directory.

(don't copy to another disc, just change directory, it's much quicker)

- Open and login to your Origin client.

- Start all downloads and pause a download when a few Kb's have been received

- When all downloads are paused, exit Origin.

- Copy all game folders back to the Origin location and overwrite existing files.

- Open and login to your Origin client

- Resume all downloads


Origin will "download" all games but actually just performs a files check and will only

download missing files. After checking files the game(s) will be installed.

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