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Re: sims 4 installation taking super long?

by sarahholdenried

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Re: sims 4 installation taking super long?

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Not only has it been installing for hours and is still at 2%, but it keeps saying different download times like it'll say an hour and then it'll say 40 seconds and then it'll say 7 or 8 hours and then 14 and then 23 and it seems completely random it's not even based on the speed it's downloading but also it's so much slower to download than anything else with this same computer and this same internet, otherwise I would think it was the fault of one of those two. Sometimes it'll say it's at 300 KB/sec and sometimes it'll say it's at 70 (I just checked and it's at like 500 now which I find weird because now I actually have something else up, this). I closed all of my internet related items on my computer and phone and it didn't help whatsoever.

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Re: sims 4 installation taking super long?

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Oh you're lucky I JUST reached 3% and I've had it downloading for at least 3 and a half hours :/

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Re: sims 4 installation taking super long?

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I've finally decided to try to install my Sims⁴ Limited case that has the 2 discs. I didn't kniw what was supposed to happen or what I was supposed to do after it told me to put in the second disc. After I put the second disc in, it began to resume doing, something. I don't know if it was still installing Origin or installing Sims 4. Then it crashed my laptop and I had to hold down the power button as I couldn't do anything else while it was stuck at a blue screen.

Afrer I turned it back on, I double clicked on the Sims 4 desktop shortcut. Nothing happened. So I double clicked on the Origin shortcut. Nothing happened. So I right clicked on Origin to open as Admin, and I'm the only admin of my laptop.

So it opened up but the downloading was showing as paused and I had no idea what I was supposed to do. I clicked around, right clicked. Couldn't find out what I was supposed to do to get it unpaused. Couldn't find any answers online or in here either how to unpause it. So I decided to put the second disc back in (took it out before it crashed, and I hope that didn't cause the crash. I didn't think it needed the second disc anymore at a certain point).

After putting second disc back in, it resumed. It would be very helpful if Origin would explain the purpose of the second disc and when it's not needed in anymore. Also it would be helpful if Origin would explain why a download was paused as I had no idea and was lucky to figure it out since I couldn't find any answers to help. Nor is there any help in the case the 2 discs came in on installing, well there isn't enough. I don't think it even mentioned the second disc at all.

Beware it can take 2 days just to install. We don't have those fancy fiber internet cables, just bigger cites have those and not all Sims players live in a city. I've keep an eye out on my laptop so it don't turn off. There is no option to keep it on. At about 1hr, it'll turn off, it's the longest it'll allow to stay on. The downloading keeps changing too, sometimes it got to 10hrs, then it got to 23hrs. It only took like 1hr to install Origin. I don't understand why the game has to take 10 times longer.

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