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origin wont go online if i try to loggin

by TAW-MeistariTTV

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origin wont go online if i try to loggin

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ok so im having the same proplem with the online loggin do u guys have a ny idea to fix this kinda stuff 

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Time Zone fix not working

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So... I'm basically just opening this thread for the people which the time zone fix workaround didn't work, I would like further assistance. Spent the last 3 days trying to solve this with no luck...

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Origin is broken

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Hi my Origin started saying Online login is currently unavailable.  after i updated it the last time so i went to contact us and they said it on EA side i should wait they will fix it. I'm still waiting my neighbors Origin is working fine so how is it that my origin is broken and his works fine ?


i reinstalled it and tried everything else on this page nothing seems to work

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Re: Origin is broken

Community Manager

Hey all,

We have a mega thread on the issue where your Origin client has login unavailable here. If you use GeForce Experience, try uninstalling that program to see if that helps you login.


Here are the steps on how to adjust the PC clock:


CM EDIT:You can also take the following steps.


- Completely close Origin, go to Control panel and under date and time, turn ON the synchronize it with the internet feature.

- For Windows 10, right-click the date/time on Taskbar, click adjust date/time and set 'Set time zone automatically' to ON''



One of our EA Community Managers posted this:


Thank you all for your posts on this. The relevant teams are continuing to work on the problem and are in the process of evaluating a couple of potential fixes.


We will continue to post on this thread with any available information as it becomes available.




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