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origin in game

by ANDI_x_HR

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origin in game

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Hi all...
After latest Origin update, my Origin In-Game ( Shift+F1) not working!!!


I tray to reinstall both, the game ( NFS 2015) and Origin client, runing as Admin, disable antivirus ( Defender ), update all my drivers ( AMD )...nothing helpped!


I notice one more thing:

When only Origin is working, the button ( green one ) who switch In Game ON and OFF, working as it should and I can turn it ON or OFF, but immediately after I run the game (NFS 2015), that green button does not working anymore and I can not turn it ON or OFF is not gray but it is the faded green!


In the game (NFS), the "Origin in game" option is of course turned ON !

What did these guys who working on updates do ??? 

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