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origin client in 4k is MASSIVE

by d0x360

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origin client in 4k is MASSIVE

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It was fine until 2 updates ago but now the client is HUGE on my screen and it makes it nearly impossible to use effectively.  Is it scaling with windows settings and can i shut it off or can...perhaps the origin team make it so the client is 4k compatible?


The issue before is the fonts were too small in some places but fine in others and now the entire client and all the fonts are so big its unusable.

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Re: origin client in 4k is MASSIVE

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Does changing the Zoom setting via the View menu help you here at all?



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Re: origin client in 4k is MASSIVE

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I can confirm for me that zoom fixed it. It defaulted to 200% for some reason, setting it to 100% was much better. The application should set to 100% if it detects 4k. I could go even a little smaller on my 60 inch TV, but those on smaller gaming monitors wouldn't want it any smaller.

I was looking under 'Application Settings' for something, I just had it in my mind that 'view' was for viewing different tabs, which it is, and had forgotten it had a zoom option.
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