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Re: directX error and vc redist error obviated by Steam

by EA_Darko

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directX error and vc redist error obviated by Steam

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Cannot install older games through Origin client; Steam client works.


The specific errors I get are, in order, the one about directX and then, when I go and delete everything but the requisite 3 files, the one about the vc redist. I haven't gotten further than this because by this time I am ready to throw my computer out a window, and the medical aid I would need following such an event would obviate any possibility of playing any games further.


The games I am trying to install are: Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2 (Digital Deluxe), Mass Effect 3 (digital Deluxe), Dragon Age: Origins (digital deluxe), and Dragon Age II (digital deluxe).


In order to verify that the issue was on the Origin client side, I purchased and installed Mass Effect from Steam, as well, and the game launches and plays just fine through the Steam client. I do not want to have to repurchase another four games in order to get the basic content that I've already purchased through Origin.


Help, please?

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Re: directX error and vc redist error obviated by Steam

Community Manager

Sorry to hear that you are having issues @stmercy2020.


Would it be possible to share the exact error message that you are seeing? These generally contain information that we can use to narrow down the cause of the issue.


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