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cannot download due to storage

by bigbelly18

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cannot download due to storage

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Hi I am having some troubles downloading the sims 4 on my laptop. I had it downloaded for some time and it was working fine but then it deleted itself and said there was not enough room on my hard drive. I have looked at some answers online and tried a number of things (removing stuff from my laptop, changing the download location etc.) But nothing seems to be working. Some  help on the issue would be great. Thanks 

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Re: cannot download due to storage

Community Manager

Hey @bigbelly18, there is an issue that some users are seeing and the Origin team are looking into it. You can find a thread related to it here:

A number of users have been able to fix the issue by trying the following:

If you can try those steps and let me know how you get on. Also, can you share the error message that you are seeing as if it is the same issue that others are seeing I'll move your post to the thread for the issue.


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