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Re: apex legends middle east servers

by IPlizzard

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apex legends middle east servers

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hello ea, first of all we really love your amazing game (apex legends) and we put Alot of time and money on the game, you have alot of fans and people who love the game so much, however we face an issue regarding high ping rate because there is no close server we can connect to that gives us a low ping so that we can enjoy the game fully like all other regions do we have passion for the game and we look forward for servers in the middle east ASAP thanks so much and much love.

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Re: apex legends middle east servers

Community Manager

Hey @IPlizzard if you are having an issue with connection then I would suggest taking a look at our Connection troubleshooting steps which you can find here:


It'll take you a couple of minutes to do them all but please do take the time and do them all.


Let me know how you get on and if you want to share your UO Trace then I'm happy to take a look at how your data is being routed.



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Re: apex legends middle east servers

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its not about my connection its about how far all the servers are when i play games that have middle east servers i get 20-30 ping meanwhile in apex i get 130-200+

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