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Re: Yes the matchmaking is off

by VesperVDH

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Yes the matchmaking is off

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This is probably the thousandth message about matchmaking but in the last 3 Territory Wars we were just wiped out. Now we have a lot of older players with 2,5M GP but without the new characters and when a 2M GP comes along with his Darth Revan-Malak team, what are you suppose to do? Our guild is called "The Stealth Sentinels" (123M GP).

A better system would be a raking system just like in Championships - the better you are the higher you climb in the raking. SQo strong guilds can matchup against other strong guilds, because simple GP does not tell the whole story. Players who are longer in the game are seriously disadvantaged.


On a side note,

Soccer ball could it be possible for the leader exclude certain players from playing TW?

Football Wouldn't it be nice if we could have a replay from each combat?



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Re: Yes the matchmaking is off

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Today we have a new TW and it is even worse. The Top 5 players have Darth Revan with Malak Gear 13, NOBODY in our team has even 1 Darth Revan. Sure they don't have phoenix or regular characters even geared to 10 so to keep GP low.

It's so frustrating cause you put all that energy in motivating a guild and then you get hammered by the system.

Fix this, cause it sucks!

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Re: Yes the matchmaking is off

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Well we lost. It didn't came as a surprise. And to point out that the matchmaking really needs work, here are some stats for you.

When you look only at the GP you would say, "well you have 9 million more". But then you look at the lvl and the sort of characters

the team has and you come to the conclusion that you have no chance to win, unless your opponent forfeits the game.


I am not sure if anybody is reading this post, but I really hope somebody does. When you try to matchmake without looking

at the overal stats, you create a disadvantage with players who have been in the game for a long time and have large GP but

don't have all the new characters.

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