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Why does Origin believes I'm running on Windows 7?

by AmethystBlue97

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Why does Origin believes I'm running on Windows 7?

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Hi hello. For a few weeks now, I have been having problems with my Origin. Before the latest update, I was running Origin just fine, then the new update showed up and suddenly it believes I am running on a Windows 7 Operator when the laptop I have - it's an ASUS NOTEBOOK, it ran the games before the update and it's up-to-date on everything else - is Windows 10. I had cleared out my cache, uninstalled it, cleaned it out with my CCleaner, reinstalled it, running it on admininstrator, and for a moment, it worked somewhat.


When I tried to play the sims, my laptop got too hot that it shuts down itself, it never did that before. When I tried to play Mass Effect, it did the update thing again and the box that says that my software was old came back.


Please help me out??

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