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Re: Where are the cash cards here in Norway?

by Valadenthys

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Where are the cash cards here in Norway?

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So I spent my whole day figuring out if it's possible to purchase "Origin cash cards" in Norwegian territory (which is where I live). So I went to my local GameStop after checking the trusted retailers on picture 3, and when I asked the manager of my local GameStop (in Oslo (The capital)) if they had "Origin cash cards" and he/she/them simply said "we have no such thing called Origin cash cards" After that, I decided to go home and find out if it was even any origin cash cards in Norway and I stumbled upon what is in picture 2.

Where it clearly says that they provide "Origin cash cards" in Norway, and after that I found out that I could change the language of the website to Norwegian so I could find out which retailers that are available and for some reason none appeared as you can see in picture 1 but instead it was an Image of cash cards with GBP (British currency) on the web page that lead me  further down in confusion.

It was even an option to redeem my code but no logos of retailers that sold the "origin cash cards" in Norway. After finding all of that information I decided to ask support, and they proceeded to tell me the information about that Norway has cash cards (That I already knew) but they didn't even know who the retailers were.

So they recommended purchasing with "Digital currency (MasterCard and PayPal)" so I decided to get back up and walk to a store and put some cash into my prepaid MasterCard (not realizing that its a debit card ( honestly I'm so dumb)) So I go back and try to add my card info not realizing that they don't do debit here in Norway either.

I just sat there thinking about what to do and I went on the internet thinking I could just buy a cash card from another country but I found out that ea doesn't allow to redeem currency (Origin cash cards) from another country to be redeemed (or else I wouldn't be here). (that's why I'm here just to ask ea why they don't do debit and have a misleading page)




Ea where are the retailers?

(P.S. if anybody read this and knows where in Norway you get your spicy cash cards please tell me <3)

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Re: Where are the cash cards here in Norway?

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Not Norwegian, but the link about the cash cards can be misleading and confusing indeed. They mention what countries sell them and this link

shows you the retailers, but you say Gamestop doesn't have them and I don't know if you have any of the others in your country. Besides, that doesn't guarantee they sell them.


Now my question is, do you only want to just acquire the cards? You could also buy a physical game code at Gamestop or any other retailer and redeem it on origin, that's what I did since my country doesn't have the cards.

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Re: Where are the cash cards here in Norway?

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I'm not looking to buy the code for the game titles just cash so. I can buy store purchases want to get the cash cards, so I can buy anything in the origin store.



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