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Updated Origin TOO BIG

by emmaburge17

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Updated Origin TOO BIG

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I have just updated Origin and the application window it opened was HUGE, bigger than my screen. Additionally, all text and options within the window have scaled up accordingly, even when I manually resize the window to make it fit my screen.

I have looked through the application options and can see nothing about re-sizing the text, images, etc.


Is there a way to change my settings back to how things were before the update? 

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Re: Updated Origin TOO BIG

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@emmaburge17  On Origin's toolbar, click View, select Zoom (the last option), and pick a smaller number. Or you could use crtl - to zoom out (and crtl + to zoom in).


If that doesn't work, try clearing Origin's cache, and if necessary, changing the Zoom number again.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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Re: Updated Origin TOO BIG

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I noticed that this has been an ongoing problem since 2016 based on forum posts. Apparently, the enlarged window problem occurs if your PC's Scale and Layout option is set above 100% (this is found in Display Settings on Windows 10). 


Therefore, setting the scale and layout to 100% will prevent this problem with the Origin client from re-occurring (a restart may be required). However, on most screens, Windows recommends and automatically set higher scaling above 100% for visual ergonomics. 


In spite of these findings, changing the scale and layout option is not a solution, but can be used as a workaround at the expense of the end user's visual acuity.

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