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Re: Unable to retrieve my games.

by EA_Barry

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Unable to retrieve my games.

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Hello. I reset my origin with the link EA required to other people with the same problem as me. The problem i had was that Sims 4 wasnt working when i tried updating it kept on saying that there was an error and that i should try again later, i tried again many times.

So then i went on EA questions and read the same problems as mine and some said to uninstall Sims so i did. Then i tried downloading it again but it said the same thing again, that there was an error and that i should try again later. 


I reset my Origin after looking at what EA and people were recommending but now none of my games have shown up and it says

"Apologies for the inconvinience, we're currently unable to retrieve your list of games. Please reload and try again."


I spent alot of money on the game and many packs and would be very dissapointed if i lost all of it

Please if you have any advice or can help me reply.

Thank you


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Re: Unable to retrieve my games.

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If you happen to be a Mac user, check the following thread for steps to try, thanks.

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