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Re: To everyone having issues with Visual C++

by EA_Darko

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To everyone having issues with Visual C++

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Olá buds, 


since i have been sitting here for atleast 4 hours and finally managed to do it, i do feel your pain. 


So let's begin.



1. go to ProgramFiles\Apex\__Installer\vc and try to manually install the c++ files by running each .exe (2010, 2012, 2015)


                                - (You might need to deinstall your Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable... x64 and x84)


2. If one of the C++ installments goes wrong, meaning it asks you to put in a correct path or somehting like that, you found the issue.


                               - In my case Windows wasn't able to find the correct pathing to the original files for the Visual C++ 2010 and * went down from there.


3. Simply go to ( and simply follow the microsoft dudes instructions from METHOD 1.


4. Make sure to choose the correct Visual C++ file when you use ( and let windows fix the issue. Once it's done the pathing should be corrected.


5. You are good to go kind sir, open up Origin and realize that it's finally working.



(If i'm the only idiot that needed 5 hours to fix this, well *, so be it... If not, i hope this helps you :eahigh_fileStandard smile

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Re: To everyone having issues with Visual C++

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If only you'd posted here @Loozkax when you had the issue.

I see it so often that I have the troubleshooting steps already saved and ready for a CTRL+V.

Glad to hear you got it fixed and thanks for posting.


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