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The Witcher 3:"Not enough storage"

by xellipse

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The Witcher 3:"Not enough storage"

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When I  down "The Witcher 3" DLC:  soundtrack and wallpaper.. etc,

the Origin tell me "Not enough storage" ,but I still have at least 1.6T spaces

I try to clear temp files,but it doesn't work!

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Witcher 3 GOTY: Cant download DLC: Harddrive is full

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This is so unacceptable. I cannot download all the DLC for Witcher 3: GOTY, since it says my hard drive is full. Problem is, I have 3,5 Terabyte space left, which SHOULD be plenty for Witcher 3 GOTY DLC.


I can't even refund the game, so for getting the full version I SHOULD have had, I have to REBUY it on GOG or Steam. UNACCEPTABLE!


I've tried to delete everything in AppData and all that, and it still doesnt work. Every time I start Origin up now I get prompted with Harddrive is full, so it even * op my launcher.


I have to uninstall a game I paid for, for not getting annoyed by errors that's a straight up lie. This is the last time I bought a game on Origin.

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Re: Witcher 3 GOTY: Cant download DLC: Harddrive is full

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It seems to me that this is Origin's problem ,because many people have the same problem(including me)

I hope that  EA can solve this question as soon as possible!

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Witcher 3 DLC will not download and customer support is useless

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Just bought the DLC for the witcher 3  on origin. The problem is i can download the main game but none of the dlc. Its giving me an error that i dont have space in any of my drives even tho i have more than 500 GB of free space on my SSDs. The customer support is no help and they keep saying the same thing over and over again. That there team of professionals that are very concerned and are looking in to it. Also that they would email me back, but they have yet to do so. I also asked for a refund on the DLCs if im not going to be able to access them. They denied and told me that i cant get a refund. 


So my question is. Did i just spend my money on absolutely nothing? cuz that is what it feels like. Also i don't have any issues with other origin games just this one so my guess is that its origins issue not mine. Someone please help me out. I feel like i have been robbed. 


Like i said the customer support is a complete waste of time. They do not actually do anything to help they just tell you that there are going to help you and then try to leave the call. they dont help you trouble shoot or anything. 


If you want to see absolutely pathetic customer service let me know ive got the whole conversation printed

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Re: Witcher 3 GOTY: Cant download DLC: Harddrive is full

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Origin is a complete joke. I also have this issue and the customer support wont even touch the issue. 


Its also ridiculous that we cant get a refund. EA and origin are complete wastes of space.

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Re: Witcher 3 GOTY: Cant download DLC: Harddrive is full

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@SirSeBasstion  @xellipse  @MikeJezZ 


Do you have a custom path for The Witcher 3 installation or the default C: drive path? Is this being installed on an SSD or HDD?


If you go to your Origin client's Application Settings>Saves>Are the saves/downloads all going to the same installation path?

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