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Re: Question about gifting

by EA_Darko

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Question about gifting

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How does it work?

I was asked by a friend of mine to gift him Battlefront II while it's still on sale, so I selected the game, said to gift it, clicked his name, it asked for a message to say with it, and then... It said it had been sent.

No payment was asked for. Nothing.

I received an Email confirming that I had gifted it, but there was no message sent from the bank or anything saying that it had been payed for.


I logged into his account in a browser window (He gave me access to his account so I can sort it out for him while he has no internet connection) to check if it says anything there, and it said he had been gifted the game, and I accepted it for him. I check his "My Games" tab and it says he has the game. (Shown in "Doc 1")


I then checked my friends profile (Using my own account) to see if it said he had the game but It didn't. It just said he had no games in his library. (Shown in "Doc 2")


I'm confused.
Please explain.
When do I pay? What's happening?

Thanks in advance,



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Re: Question about gifting

Community Manager

The best thing to do @HarlowLovesGamin is to query this with one of our live support agents. I've posted the steps to do so in your other thread.



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