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QtWebEngineProcess.exe process

by InspectahCax

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Re: QtWebEngineProcess.exe process

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Origin isn't an app in the sense we would think it is.. it is a shell or skin for a light weight browser (QtWebEngineProcess.exe) that open a website at with all your info, games, the store etc.  I assume that this is to allow cross-platform compatibility and for the same user experience across those platforms.

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QtWebEngineProcess.exe decrease game performance drastically

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How can i get rid of QtWebEngineProcess.exe that opens multiple instances while running as part of Origin.exe?

It takes lots of memory and origin games suddenly lag and stutter which run fine before!

It is really annoying that origin updates make things worse!

I want an origin light version because i use NO origin feature at all, i just start my games through it -.-

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Re: QtWebEngineProcess.exe decrease game performance drastically

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QtWebEngineProcess.exe, 1336, 19.62, 793.78 kB/s, 161.61 MB


This is with the game closed my GPU is running constantly.


Is EA using our gaming systems to mine bitcoin for China or what?

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Re: QtWebEngineProcess.exe process

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On my laptop I got 60FPS before the origin update. Now as long as Origin is open, my GPU is running constantly. QtWebEngineProcess.exe is out of control and doesn't close when the game is closed. It has resulted in choppy browser behavior, random crashing, and 30-40fps lost making the game unplayable unless I force close firefox or use chrome to launch it. Even then, one of the many origin processes lags and I drop packets and get kicked even when the GPU is running fine. I am very disappointed and it really feels like my system is bitmining for the Chinese government when it is running and cooling without the game even open as long as origin is open.

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Re: QtWebEngineProcess.exe decrease game performance drastically

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It does seem be a resource hog and have way more processes running than needed.


Origin idling in the background:




not sure what we can do as many / most EA games (multi-player) will disconnect if we kill origin processes during the game..

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Re: QtWebEngineProcess.exe process

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I'm also having issues with QtWebEngineProcess.exe. Today, I noticed that I was unable to click on the bottom-right corner of my screen. Tried restarting my computer, and it was fixed for a bit, but it came back soon enough. I assumed that I had some kind of malware that had an invisible window open right there, because I could still bring up a right-click menu in that rectangle, but it would only give me the options Back, Forward, and Reload.


So I went through my processes, killing them, hoping to find which one it was by seeing when I could start clicking in that corner again. After I killed one of the 3 instances of QtWebEngineProcess.exe that were running (the second one, if it matters), the area that I couldn't click on turned white.


Now, if this is actually a legitimate program, this wouldn't really be an issue. It's barely using any resources at all, and I wouldn't have even noticed it... if not for the fact that it is always on top. For instance, in a fullscreen game, if there's something on the bottom right corner of the screen, I just can't click there. At all.


Furthermore, killing the process just immediately starts it back up. It stays running even if Origin is closed. Maybe restarting my computer and uninstalling Origin will fix the issue.

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Re: QtWebEngineProcess.exe process

Yeah...Nice to see the Origin client on a tech that was discontinued three years ago (QtWeb actual development ceased in 2013). Also, the damn thing was well known for its severe memory leaks, things that weren't never solved. Originally, the browser would work fine, but after a while you would notice both CPU and RAM in full load. I am really curious how many resources they will pour into trying solving that "litte" problem until they actually pull the plug...Also imagine the actual security provided by something that wasn't really updated since 2013.


P.S.: neither Steam, UPlay or Firefox do not open multiple processes in background. Amazing, right?! They actually managed to develop a wrapper for the whole stuff...Must be because they are living in 2016. Sorry for the bitterness, but, seriously, no one even asked us if we want this. And the fact that we have to jump through hoops to do a simple thing, something that was possible in the old client, doesn't really help either.

I do not work for EA and i am not associated with the company in any way. I am a player just like you, trying to help wherever i can.I will not answer to any unsolicited PM.

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Re: Origin Beta QtWebEngineProcess Hogging System Resources

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I'm also having this problem, it ruins my gameplay. Will try the fix

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Re: QtWebEngineProcess.exe process

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Yea i'm pretty upset with these new changes, I can't play battlefront for example all my character models look like the game was made in the late 90's and i can't even view the diorama ( it just goes to loading screen purgatory) The graphics in the game itself look the same but I will get these random huge lag spikes I never got before and yea I notice this QtWebEngineProcess.exe running in the background taking up memory, Origin was fine without this why add it and ruin my games? But better ? is there a possible way to safely remove this?  Or in general solve this issue?

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Re: QtWebEngineProcess.exe process

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I have noticed it running on mine also, but if I open Origin and go to the application settings, go to the bottom on the right side and make sure the on and off switch for "Automatically start Origin" is set to off and it will no longer run in the back ground until you manually start origin. 

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