QtWebEngineProcess.exe process

by InspectahCax

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QtWebEngineProcess.exe process

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This process has appeared after this new update. I don't know if it has anything to do with this new Origin running like absolute rubbish, but the process is taking up just as much memory as 'Origin.exe' and there are multiple QtWebEngineProcess.exe running (3 for me right now, to be precise). This is with no game open, no library/menu/main origin page open, no chats open - I only have the detached friends list open. Then there's also the Origin Client Service process running as well. 

Origin has always run badly for me and has now only gotten worse. 

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Origin Beta QtWebEngineProcess Hogging System Resources

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Hi it would seem that QtWebEngineProcess.exe is using loads of system resources right now.


Its using over 200mb of ram whilst its doing nothing. The CPU is always pegged at 20% usage and the GPU is always pegged around 40%+ when the system is idle and doing nothing.


So is there away you make the new Origin a little bit leaner like. If Nvidia can do it with their GFE Client surely you can do it too.


Before other say just close the Origin client etc i understand that but if you think the same in logic the GPU and CPU are pegged even before you load the game of choice, also some games will not work after launching the game and closing origin so i can't even reduce the CPU load.


Other then that the beta client is OK it just needs to be less resource intensive.

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Re: Origin Beta QtWebEngineProcess Hogging System Resources

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I would suggest uninstalling and reinstalling Origin. Might have gotten a bad download. For me that process uses 0% CPU and a measly 54MB RAM when Idle and 10% CPU and 76MB while launching a game. That is not a resource hog.


Yes overall my RAM usage idles at 25% and, CPU flutters from 0 to 5% with nothing actively running, but my launch on start ups sitting in the task icons, as they should.


Of course closing each of those lowers the load on my rig but, i don't want them closed and, 25% of my RAM used for my OS and those things isn't hogging anything. Yes Origin is one of those start on boot items.


I would also check to see what else is using your CPU when the computer is idle, it might be a screen saver, a background maintenance task or another application that starts when you reboot.


You can also boot in safe mode to see if the problem remains with only required services and the OS running. Here's how Clean Boot

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Re: Origin Beta QtWebEngineProcess Hogging System Resources

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Thanks for the reply DarkAmaranth1966,


The first thing i did was check what else was using the CPU etc but at the time i noticed the issue the QtWebEngineProcess was the only thing really thumping the CPU / GPU, RAM doesn't matter that much as i upgraded from 16GB to 32GB.


My Install of Windows 10 Pro is very clean and very little apps load on boot in fact it has only 6 applications that running on start up which is Nvidia/Logitech/Realtek/Nahimic/Chrome Update/Killer Nic, Also services i don't use are disabled as well. I will give the uninstall reinstall trick another go hopefully i will not fudge my game installs like last time.


Its also only been a issue since 2 Beta patches ago.


Edit: Is there a Beta version direct download as it will not allow me to go back to beta again. So i can't check if it fixed the issue or not.

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Re: Origin Beta QtWebEngineProcess Hogging System Resources

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So after uninstalling and reinstalling origin. Then waiting for the Beta update its now only using 1.7% CPU usage and 1% GPU usage in a bursting way, Ram is also now at 105.6mb for that process. Nice call on that one @DarkAmaranth1966, it did the trick.

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Re: QtWebEngineProcess.exe process

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So long as it's QtWebEngineProcess and not qtwebengineprocess, it's fine. It is digitally signed by Dropbox and, it's used by several application, Steam, Glyph, Origin, and some browsers. Multiple copies running is normal when you have more than one application running that uses the process. I have 3 at the monent. Origin, Firefox and a chat program I use all need it. Glyph and Steam would too, if I had them running but, I don't right now.



The all lower case file by the same name is a virus.

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Re: QtWebEngineProcess.exe process

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It's not fine, though. The process itself may be 'legit' and fine in the sense that it's not a virus or anything, but why is it there now? Why is it needed? Origin already ran horribly on my computer. The last thing I need is more for my computer to put up with from Origin.  Any instances of 'QtWebEngineProcess.exe' running on my computer have to be directly related to/apart of Origin, too. I check my processes all the time (at least every hour) and have never seen it before, not once. It has only just appeared after being forced to update Origin. I have also closed everything and left nothing but origin running (with friends list open, with the main origin screen open, with both of them open at the same time, with no origin windows open but with origin running, with an origin game running and without one running, etc - I've tried every combo) and I still have those 3 instances of QtWebEngineProcess running. 

Then there's also still OriginClientService - what is that for? Why's that running when I already have an Origin.exe going? I'm not the most knowledgeable with this stuff but I'm curious nonetheless. 

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Re: QtWebEngineProcess.exe process

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@InspectahCax Hi,


This is common practice for software engineering. The Origin Client uses web browser technology and since a few years they have started spinning up separate processes for each browser tabs. The idea behind it is better stability. If one tab crashes, you will only lose that one, not your whole browser with all the other ones.


The same applies for Origin, it should assist with the stability.




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Re: QtWebEngineProcess.exe process

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I have stable previous version Origin. I don't want this processes.  Why i need buy memory for origin? Sorry for my English

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Re: QtWebEngineProcess.exe process

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 I noticed the same thing pisses me off when they put out updates that add bloatware slows things down I'am no expert but I fail to see the upside to this latest downgrade.  

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