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Re: QtWebEngineProcess.exe process

by MisteroPotter

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Re: Origin Beta QtWebEngineProcess Hogging System Resources

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(I'm sorry if this is in reply to someone I'm bad at forums and don't know how to just post in it.) I see this issue hasn't been fixed, it wont allow me to open up games, and I can't close this pop up or tab. I'd love to continue playing The Sims 4 and this won't let me continue my use of Origin. The tab that has popped up is also  interfering with my use of my computer.


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Re: QtWebEngineProcess.exe process

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Hello All...


Regarding the ever-present   "qtwebengineprocess"


I am pretty sure you can just delete it as follows:


  • Go to your C://  drive, locate "Users"
  • Users-open and find your user profile
  • Under your user profile, you should see a ".origin,"   and a ".qtwebengineprocess."
  • Delete the .qtwebengine file (there is only one file by this name).

I deleted the file and it works like a charm. 


Once completed, no need to reinstall Origin, which if corrupted or installed incorrectly, will also affect EA and The Sims.


Good luck! 

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QTWebengineprocess has stopped working

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I get this error message when i try to open origin. It doesn't even let me log in, so im a little bit stranted because i don't know how to fix it.

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Re: QTWebengineprocess has stopped working

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Hi @Disnouve


QtWebEngineProcess.exe  the "Application has stopped working" with faulty module being Qt5WebEngineCore.dll.This could  be a video driver issue. Outdated video card drivers have been known to cause to this issues.


You'll first need to determine what type of video card drivers you have. Do not use Windows Update to automatically detect the drivers that you need; the manufacturers are always more up to date. Please locate your operating system below and follow the accompanying steps:

For  Windows:


-press the “windows” key and “r” at the same time.

-type “dxdiag” into the run window and press enter

-go to the display tab in the dxdiag window

-look for the Manufacturer name.


Once you have the manufacturer's name, you can visit their website to detect or locate which drivers you need.

Video drivers for Windows:




Nvidia - Auto - Manual


Intel - Auto - Manual


NOTE do not forget to uninstall the old video driver . Display Driver Uninstaller (DDUis a driver removal utility that can help you completely uninstall  the old video driver. or use the CUSTOM Installation for your video driver and you will receive a Clean Install option that will delete the old video driver perfectly.Wink


Run the setup file Origin with Admin rights


My Opinion is no more important or right than yours.I'm a gamer like you, trying to help you (i'm not an EA employee).

If you want to know us or/and come up with ideas to improve the Origin platform or/and talk about anything and many more besides,you could also visit the NEW section Origin General Discussion

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Re: QtWebEngineProcess.exe process

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Origin is such a *. It is already the second annoying bug which nobody seems to really care about at EA.


After "Origin Web Helper Service" makes computers of many users slow down on startup.


Now AGAIN QtWebEngineProcess makes trouble. I was playing BF1 and suddendly FPS drops like hell because "QtWebEngineProcess" decided to consume 50% CPU while I play....

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Re: QtWebEngineProcess.exe process

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Same thing happens to me yesterday and ruin my gaming!

Is there some solution EA!?!

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Re: QtWebEngineProcess.exe process

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Please EA can you solve this problem?

I can't play my games and don't know what else to do!

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Re: QtWebEngineProcess.exe process

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Last night after few hours while I was trying to play Garden Warfare 2 with 0.5 FPS suddenly (when opened game 5th or 6th time) started to work!!!

I checked Task Manager and noticed that QtWebEngineProcess.exe is still on the list and take huge amount of memory (higher than Origin client) but game didn't laged and stuttered!

What happened?

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Re: QtWebEngineProcess.exe process

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After instaling new origin update problem comes back!

Shame on EA!

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Re: QtWebEngineProcess.exe process

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Yep, Feb 2018 and QtWebEngineProcess is hanging around in my task manager on Windows 10. It's a major nuisance, EA!


QT is a framework that allows writing software for Windows & Linux alike. Since Linux has nothing comparable to the Windows API, QT reinvented the wheel for them, and therefore even a simple "hello world" eats at least 8 megabytes of resources. This is still OK for Linux, better than no GUI at all, but for Windows users it's just a nuisance because a Windows GUI application can be done with 1,024 bytes, not megabytes.


My kids are playing Sims4 on our family computer. It's a source of continuous stress, because it slows down everything. Exit and save? Yes, but it takes ages, and it takes ages to load it again, so often we parents just bite our teeth and suffer a slow machine.


EA, be aware that this creates a certain hatred on your company. We are suffering your slow game, you are suffering a bad reputation. I know your programmers just laugh when I call this "bloatware" or "snailware", because they have 64 GB of RAM and the fastest processor on their dev machines, but your clients do have old, cheap and slow machines. Get used to it, or disappear from the market one day.

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