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Re: Prompting for Permission

by Mush1364

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Prompting for Permission

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So I'm having the downloading issue where my origin client says:

"Origin needs to download files and is waiting for permission. Please choose "Yes" when Windows prompts you for permission."

Any time I try to install a game

I've been through UAC both installing origin and trying to install Sims 4, and followed a lot of the other steps of the other threads with this problem but no luck.


There is a difference though - when I first install origin and try to install it tell me to pick a different folder than the one that is the 'default' - I tried to keep it as a default but it says the folder is read-only. When I switch the folder - to either my c or my d drives main access it gives me that error.



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Re: Prompting for Permission

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I have had the same problem since October 26th and it annoys me so much because I really wanna play the game, get some packs and enjoy myself but I can because of this very same problem. Still waiting on some sort of fix. I have done 8 live chats, to nothing at all.

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Re: Prompting for Permission

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If you are using Windows 10, go to settings then "Network & Security" middle of page at the bottom there's a link "Network Reset" do this!!! takes about 5mins to complete (will look like its doing nothing but do wait) Once its finished your downloads should work, also "Locate Game" will now also work.


Hope this works for you too...

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