Permission Required - Helper Tool Error [Mac]

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Permission Required - Helper Tool Error [Mac]

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I've been using Origin on my Mac for a while now, however earlier today I had a pop-up asking me to allow permission for a helper tool to be installed



Origin needs your permission to install a new helper tool in order to continue.  


I click install helper and origin disappears, less than a minute later the pop-up reappers asking the same thing. 

I have tried uninstalling origin, rebooting, installing origin, rebotting, yet the button still appears. I've looked online and seen this question asked by a few users, however there has been no reply from EA other than "we are looking into this", and that was a month ago now.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


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Re: Why wont Origin 9.10.1 install the helper tool on my Mac OS X 10.8.5?

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UPDATE - this thread is locked and outdated. Here's the new thread:






Yep, that absolutely works - nice one! Standard smile

@ellika0202 wrote:

Well. I Finally got the stupid thing to run. I concluded by looking into the log file that the problem probably was the OriginESImpl.dylib. That one is overwritten as the new software is downloaded from EA servers. What I did was to simply copy that from the original installation dmg.


cp /Volumes/Origin/  /Applications/


At least now it starts and my thirteen year old is happy again. Shame on you EA not to be able to solve this sooner.


Good luck to the rest of you!

To clarify the file locations for those unsure of what to do:


  1. Open the Origin download in your Downloads folder. Right click on the Origin app in the new window that pops up (where you would normally drag the app icon to your Applications folder), and select Show Package Contents. Navigate through Contents > MacOS and copy the OriginESImpl.dylib file. You will notice the date of the file is 15 July 2015.
  2. Close the windows, go into your Applications folder, right click on the Origin app and select Show Package Contents. Navigate through Contents > MacOS and delete the OriginESImpl.dylib file, it will be dated 24 October 2015. Now paste the previous one in it's place.


UPDATE - The Origin file listed in the above solution has now been updated. EA have released a beta build to fix this issue. Please download it here, making sure that you have completely uninstalled your current installation of Origin.


@HolyNicholas has also posted a fix which is worth a try if you're experiencing the issue intermittently:


@HolyNicholas wrote:

I had the same problem today and it still didn't work after re-installing origin. After a bunch of testings and diagnosing, I was able to fix it.


What happening on my computer was that the launch daemon for the helper tool was not properly started. As a result, a connect socket was not created, Origin app failed to establish connection with the helper tool and therefore fell into the loop of installing of that tool. So to fix it I had to manually start the daemon.


Try running this in the terminal:


sudo launchctl load -w /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.ea.origin.ESHelper.plist

Hope this helps! :D



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Re: Permission Required - Helper Tool Error [Mac]

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If you are running the latest version of OSX Mountain Lion, it has a new security feature that is very heavy handed. By default it is set to only run apps or programs purchased through App store. You need to go to your security TAB and allow other programs to run. It will give you a warning accept this. This apples way of trying to make you purchase everything through them.

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Re: Permission Required - Helper Tool Error [Mac]

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Unfortunately I changed this as soon as I upgraded to Mountain Lion, as the majority of my Mac is made up of non-app store applications. So although it would appear to be the logical answer, it isn't the cause of the problem for me! Confusedmileysad:

Thank you for replying though!

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Re: Permission Required - Helper Tool Error [Mac]

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Mac client is very new, and no doubt full of bugs. I hope this works out for you soon. I would contact LIVE CHAT so feedback makes it's way back. this is a free service. Follow the instructions bellow.


Make sure that you are on the USA site as LIVE CHAT is only available in the US.


click on this link


Under Product Type in Origin

Under Category  select Account/ Registration

Under Platform select Mac

scroll to bottom and click on LIVE CHAT button





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Re: Permission Required - Helper Tool Error [Mac]

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No, do not contact livechat. I chatted with three of their members, all of them couldn't find the solution. They even stalled the conversation to find a solution. It's just a waste of time

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Re: Permission Required - Helper Tool Error [Mac]

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I've come back to this thread that I created 5 months later, with no solution for my original problem.

With Simcitys Mac launch a week away, is there going to be a comment from EA regarding this issue? The live chat as stated above is a waste of time, with no solution given. I've read posts on other threads of customers purchasing mac games, mainly the sims series and not being able to play them. 


This thread has been viewed 680 times...  680 x £44.99 = potentially a lot of money & problems on launch date.
If anyone has found a solution or an EA post acknowledging this issue i'd be grateful.



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Re: Permission Required - Helper Tool Error [Mac]

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You may, who knows, find more info or help if you post here...

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Re: Permission Required - Helper Tool Error [Mac]

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Deleting /Library/PrivilegedHelperTools/com.ea.origin.ESHelper and then running Origin fixed this for me.

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Re: Permission Required - Helper Tool Error [Mac]

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Simcity for Mac came out, I waited for months, desperately wanted to buy it. But I have the same problem discussed in this post, I can not install the helper of origin, I can not buy my game. I am very angry.

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Re: Permission Required - Helper Tool Error [Mac]

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I've posted on that thread also, however this post is the top google search for Helper Tool Origin Error Mac, which is going to be the first step for a lot of people (including myself)

Thank you for the response though Standard smile

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