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Re: OriginThinSetup Not installing

by siwan1995

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OriginThinSetup Not installing

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Whenever i click on OriginThinSetup.exe, it does not go to the installation screen. It shows the origin menu but pure white and i dont know how i can install origin. I've tried redownloading from the website but it still does not work. It just keeps on returning to the menu but its white.

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Re: OriginThinSetup Not installing

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Other customers that experience a white screen were able to fix this by updating their Windows and video card drivers.


Search "Windows Updates" in the desktop search bar to check for pending updates.


For your video card we recommend checking the link below on how to verify the card type you have.


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Re: OriginThinSetup Not installing

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Try downloading instead of OriginThinSetup.exe hope it works!

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