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Origin won't load after signing in!

by htnc

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Origin won't load after signing in!

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Every time I sign into origin it doesn't load at all and says "Well that didn't go as planned." The page asks me to "reload the client" "restart" or "try again later" but its been WEEKS! I am incredibly frustrated by how this problem won't go away. I have a Mac updated to the latest software and origin is updated as well to the latest software. PLEASE HELP!

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Re: Origin won't load after signing in!

@htnc  When you say your Mac is updated with the latest software, do you mean it's running Mojave?  If so, the first thing to try is the Origin reset tool.


If that doesn't help, please make sure you don't have any proxies enabled.  Here's how:


If that doesn't help either, you can try the rest of the Origin/Mac troubleshooting thread:


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