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Origin says my operating system is too old

by KristinMard

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Origin says my operating system is too old

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This month I've bought a new Macbook Air with Mac Big Sur Version 11.0 and wanted to download origin to be able to play the sims now and then. But when i went to the origin website under download it says my operating system is too old. How is this possible? Can I not download Origin on this laptop? 

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Can't install Origin on Mac

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Hi! I have the latest version of Mac which is Big Sur and somehow I can't download the client? Is there any way to fix this?

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Re: Origin says my operating system is too old

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When you go to download Origin is it a small file that then tries to download the full set up files??? if so could be a glitch in the downloader program just search for a Origin Offline installer for Mac, even if it's a older version you could install it or give it a go and then the program should update it's self.

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Origin not working on new MacOS Big Sur Version 11.0.1

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I updated my mac to the new version 11.0.1 and everything was fine until I just bought a new bundle pack for my Sims 4 game. Once purchased the download button on the games wouldn't work so I thought I would try uninstalling origin and reinstalling it but when I tried to reinstall it's telling me that they no longer support my version but could play on an older version of origin but when trying to download that it won't work. Has anyone else had this problem or know when a new version of origin will come out to support my current mac system?

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Can't download new origin

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I have the lasted Mac update (macOS Big Sur version 11.0.1) and since I updated my sims won't load. So I tried to update my origin thinking that is the problem. However, origin believes I'm running old software and won't let me download the newest version but my computer won't let me open the old version of the origin. I have uninstalled origin and re-done it many times hoping that might do I even did a factory restart on my computer but no luck.

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Re: Can't download new origin

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@KristinMard @funcoolfriendly @omgemman and @ecmcgee1997  Try downloading Origin through Safari or Chrome.  Or you can use this direct download link:


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Re: Can't download new origin

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Thank you for your help. 

It didn’t work on chrome for me, but I could download origin on Safari. 

Have a wonderful day Standard smile

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