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Re: Origin overlay disabled after this weeks update


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Origin overlay disabled after this weeks update

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After this weeks update my origin overlay is now disabled in every game, even though I have the setting turned on in both the origin app settings and each individual games settings. with the overlay broken, it makes it impossible to play some games with friends, for example titanfall 2. I have done extensive googling on this subject and it is a problem that many people have had over the years with no definite fix. a friend of mine also developed this issue after this weeks update as well, so i know its not just me.


I have tried many of the fixes i have found online. I have uninstalled/reinstalled origin, updated to origin beta, checked to see if the issue was my antivirus (i use bitdefender), made sure other overlays were not interfering with origins overlay, etc.


The overlay was working the night before the update for both my friend and I, and then nothing. so im pretty sure the issue was with the update itself. EA hasnt put out any info on this bug on twitter, etc, so idk if its something they are tracking or even care about. someone please help me, I just want to play games with my friends!

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Re: Origin overlay disabled after this weeks update

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Same problem with Titanfall --  Titanfall 2 workaround is you can invite people in the same network and they have to join-- there is no work around for the first Titanfall.  

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Re: Origin overlay disabled after this weeks update

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This post helped me and I confirmed Client 10.5.41 origin overlay works, and if I upgrade to 10.5.45 (auto update) it breaks origin overlay.


Note to prevent the auto-update I had to set origin not to start up with windows and to start origin using a short-cut with the /noUpdate at the end. ie.Origin.exe /noUpdate

1. install 10.5.41 client. with these options uncheck start with windows, uncheck auto update origin client and game updates.

2. close the login prompt.

3. edit the origin desktop shortcut.

4. run the origin desktop shortcut.

5.login to the client and check the Help->About to make sure you are still using

6. play your games, overlay should be working.

7. you will need to start origin from shortcut every reboot so until they have a fixed origin client I would just use this for now.

8. enjoy.

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