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Re: Origin on MacOS Big Sur

by marionclz83

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Origin on MacOS Big Sur

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Can't play any games on Origin since the new OS.

Did download it from Safari instead of Chrome, and it opens fine, but when I tried playing a video game it keeps freezing and I have to restart my Mac every single time.


I read it's the same problem for everyone, so Origin, please, when are you going to release a bloody update?


Spent so much money for video games on your platform it's a shame we can't play them anymore because of something this stupid (an update).



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Re: Origin on MacOS Big Sur

@marionclz83  What games are freezing?  There's an issue with M1 Macs and Sims 4, and a workaround as well:


Sims 3 has some issues, depending on the hardware involved.  If you're playing Sims 3 and seeing freezes, please list the full specs of your Mac (everything under About This Mac except the serial number), as well as the packs you have installed and the world(s) where you're trying to play.


I'm not aware of other EA games for macOS that run in 64-bit, but if you're trying to play anything else, please list it too.


And just in case you're not sure, this is likely not an Origin issue.  Origin itself appears to run perfectly fine in Big Sur regardless of the hardware involved.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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Re: Origin on MacOS Big Sur

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Will def try this, thank you for the quick answer! 

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