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Re: Origin not loading up properly?

by AssumingCtrl

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Re: Origin not loading up properly?

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Hello. I attempted to use all three recommended fixes for getting the game to work, and it still doesn't.

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Re: Origin not loading up properly?

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Ive deleted all but "Logs" will not


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Re: Origin Won't Load Fully

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I need help now, ive done what youve told, but the file "Logs" is the only one that wouldnt delete. I have been playing this game well over 10 years, but the sims 4 has always had a problem with it. I bought a pack so i thought id connect to the interent to install that pack, then both origin and sims 4 stopped working. If someone coukd give me some other adive id really appreciate it. I bought a new computer cuz i believed my old one was the problem but now... This one isnt loading sims4 either, this is a windows 10 HP

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Re: Origin not loading up properly?

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I tried deleting the logs, uninstalling the hard way and rebooting before reinstalling but it still didn't work.

I had to restore my system (I was having trouble with another program anyway) and I downloaded the from the link and now it's working. Thanks!

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Re: Origin not loading up properly?

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I tried that.  Also removing everything but local content, and the one where you have to restart in safe mode.  None of them have worked. Are they ever going to fix this issue? Last time I got it fixed with the rebooting in safe mode workaround and the next update it went back to only showing outlines of things and hasn't worked since.  It's been months. 


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Re: Origin not loading up properly?



You followed the "Uninstall Origin the hard way" guide to the letter?

Do you use any Proxies or VPNs?


Restart your router in this way:
Pull the power plug > wait 5 minutes > return the power plug


If that not helps, shut down your Windows firewall and disable the real-time scanner of your antivirus software.. (just for testing purpose, don't forget to activate the firewall and the antivirus software later on.)


Should it work after you disabled the firewall, here is a description how to allow a program to communicate through the firewall.


This ports must be open on your Router:

Origin Ports
TCP: 80; 443; 9960-9969; 1024-1124; 3216; 18000; 18120; 18060; 27900; 28910; 29900
UDP: 1024-1124; 18000; 29900


Clearing your DNS cache. or testing a google DNS could also help.




Please create a DxDiag in text file format and post it with your next reply.

If you use Windows 7 also go to your Reliability monitor > Press the Windows key and "R" at the same time and copy and paste or type "perfmon /rel" (without the quotes) in the new Window > hit “ENTER” and look if it has entries for the game you have trouble with.

If yes double click at the last entry for the game executable, copy the info to the clipboard, and save it to a text file.


You can attach the DxDiag text file you created (and the “Reliability monitor” text file as well) to your post in the “Reply” window with the “Choose File” button. 



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Re: Origin Client Blank

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@EA_Ataashi Legend!!! not sure how old this post is... still works 2019/10/29
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Re: Origin not loading up properly?

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I use windows 10, not 7.  I haven't had problems with any of the games, but I've seen people say deleting some of their games has gotten the client to work again so it was a last-ditch thought to just start over and save a save file somewhere else and hope I'm not screwing myself and never be able to play them again period through origin and have to buy them through steam or something.  Especially since I enjoy the Sims so much.  I wanted to buy packs this Christmas, but right now I can't get anything on the client to work at all. I can play the games I currently have installed just fine.


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Re: Origin not loading up properly?

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The site loads just fine for me

But the launcher is blank.

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Re: Origin not loading up properly?

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These steps worked for me after trying everything else:



  • Exit Origin and kill OriginWebHelperService in Task Manager
  • Delete file openglblacklist.json from C:\Program Files(x86)\Origin\platforms folder
  • Completely clear these folders: 
    C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME\AppData\Local\origin\origin\cache\QtWebEngine\Default\Cache\ and <C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME\AppData\Local\origin\Web Cache\

  • Delete all folders except LocalContent from C:\ProgramData\Origin\

  • Delete file OriginThinSetupInternal.exe from C:\Program Files(x86)\Origin\
  • Restart Origin

Hopefully we can start launching our games from Steam ASAP as I've never had to deal with issues like this on Steam.

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