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Origin won't load any page...

by VivienneDelilah

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Re: Origin won't show anything!!

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@FireAntColony Did you follow the steps exactly and clear the cache? 

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Re: Origin won't show anything!!

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Yes I followed them exactly.

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Re: Origin won't show anything!!

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Same problem. Tried to fix it as you described, but issue still occurs. Any ideas how to fix it, without reinstalling whole system?



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Re: Origin won't show anything!!

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Same issue here, but on Mac. Tried to clear cache, reset origin and re-install origin, but nothing worked. The problem seems to first appear at the same time with the latest Sims 4 update. Thanks in advance for the help!

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Origin won't load any page...

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Hi! I have been having an issue with origin for the past three weeks. After logging in, origin won't show anything and won't load any page, in which case, none of the game can be launched. Here is a screen shot below. Offline login, on the other hand, just gives me an error page. I have tried to clean the cache, reset and reinstall origin, but nothing worked. I have origin on a Mac laptop. May I please ask for your help with this problem? Thanks in advance!

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Re: Origin won't load any page...

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[Do not attempt to bypass the swear filter - CM] Too many times have I faced and stared that same blank page OP posted here. We paying customers should be able to play the games whenever we want. There are so many single player games that don't even need the internet connection but yeah....DRM, right? Those three letters send shivers down my spine Disappointed

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Re: Origin won't load any page...

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Same here cant access my games- sucks!
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Re: Origin won't load

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So like everyone else I had the problem where origin starts and all you get is a white screen.


Running the ThinInstall version did nothing.

Used RevoUninstaller to remove origin and then downloaded the full version from

Ran As Administrator and chose to install beta version.

Loaded up fine first time.


As a side note EA I'm getting fed up with constant updates which break my system. Stop making legitimate customers jump through more hoops than those who go through file sharing.


I'm also getting fed up with Origin not automatically logging me in despite checking every box available, not being able to start a game from its executable and also having to be online to add comman line parameters. Sort this out or I'm done!

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Re: Origin won't load

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I've given up. Between broken windows 10, having to do clean installs, origin crashing & not working, broken updates from nivada - I have decided to play via ps4 (which has its own bugs but at least no origin issues)


Tbh I'm not using a pc anymore for gaming as constant updates keep messing everything up.

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Re: Origin won't show anything!!

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Hi @VivienneDelilah


Try to use Safe Mode


And reset (flush) the DNS cache


Try these steps and let a feedback here, please. Thyanks!!


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