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Re: Blank screen while trying to install Origin

by crzycespy

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Origin white screen

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I used origin 1 month without problems, today i started it normally and i logged in but the window stays white. I cant open the shop or play my games. Its not an issue with my firewall and i already tried to deinstall and reinstall origin
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Re: Origin white screen

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Hello @F_R1_D_AY2305,


Try clearing your origin cache as described here.


If you need further assistance, please feel free to ask inhere.





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Re: Blank screen while trying to install Origin

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I am having the exact same issue. It has done it 3 or 4 times in the past, but I was always able to get into my games eventually. This time, no luck. Same screen as you. I've tried reinstalling numerous times, but get nowhere. Makes me kinda angry as I've always been able to luck into through enabling things in the settings tab in Windows, but now, I am getting nowhere but livid street.


I have no issues with Steam or any other games, just bloody origin. I go to the website and it tells me to install Origin, while Origin is open, it makes zero sense. No error messages, just that stupid rectangle with the origin symbol, minimize, the word Origin in the middle, and close (x).

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Re: Origin on Desktop Client is stuck on loading screen.. help?

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Has this issue still not be resolved?After following through with the origin update, like everyone else, it's been stuck on the loading screen. I've read through this entire thread and tried many "solutions" but none have seemed to work. It's been like this for almost a month and a half. Is there anything else I can do? Thanks

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Re: Origin installation/login blank white window

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I'm having the same problem on a Windows 10 Pro system so I's more likely that Origin update "screwed the pooch" with some bad code

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Re: Origin on Desktop Client is stuck on loading screen.. help?

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i opened the program and let it run in the loading state after 92 hours it glided and it opened normally for a few hours. origin you have failed. just go and join up with steam who never has these sort of problems and its fixed. also will make it easier for gamers with one less platform to download 


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Re: Origin on Desktop Client is stuck on loading screen.. help?

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other sources on origin say to remove the origintmp.exe file and it should work but after a clean install of the newest version i cant find it. is it renamed ? if so what is it renamed to ? 


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Re: Origin on Desktop Client is stuck on loading screen.. help?

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@EA_Kristi wrote:

@Csosw33t That is super strange! In this case, I would ask that you reach out to one of our Advisors as more in depth troubleshooting may be needed. When you do reach out, please provide them with a link to this thread so they know what you have done already.


To contact an Advisor, follow the steps below:

1. Click on the following link: - select your platform and hit Next
2. Make sure you are logged in the top right of the page 
3. From the 1st drop down menu select 'Technical Support', 2nd drop down select 'Installation' and then type in the short description of your issue
4. Select a contact option - I recommend choosing the 'Call Me' option and then on the next page fill in the requested details.

Sorry we couldn't get this sorted Frown

pull the plug from the router out of the wall socket for a few hours fixed the job on my end. had a power outage and it was fixed 

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Re: Origin installation/login blank white window

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Wowwww. I've fixed this problem dozens of times for customers and friends. I just spent 3 hours doing so again, tonight, and came upon this thread in the hopes of updating my methods with a more efficient hack derived from the last few years of Origin-induced misery, but from all of the activity surrounding this issue, it seems the problem is advancing more quickly than any of the tormented geniuses in the customer-base working tirelessly against it. That's ... actually pretty impressive, in a really, really bad way. Anyway, here's how I fix this every time it happens, along with a little background info.

This issue is caused by freshman-noob-level code—specifically, hardware access—in several, if not all of, Origin's helper binaries. It is literally impossible to nail down exactly which one is the worst offender, because they are all utter shet - I mean, *astonishingly bad.* These processes are literally un-debuggable. That said, at least ONE of the worst is the Origin in-game overlay; if you enable it, it is a matter of time before you run into trouble. It is particularly likely to quickly cause problems when used in conjunction with any other software that has low-level access to your graphics driver, such as Afterburner, Shadowplay Overlays, or most GPU control panel type helpers. Basically, there is so much bloated, inept, slow, unnecessary code running in the background whenever Origin is active that one of these processes eventually causes itself and/or other "helpers" to not just crash, like usual, but crash reeeeal bad - and when that happens, Origin's built-in dependencies become corrupted, and that in turn encourages the system dependencies they interact with to become corrupted. Your system will catch most of these errors and try to fix them, but eventually one will slip through the cracks, because that is how shatty software inevitably "works." (Software engineering insider super-secret!!!: interestingly, that is the reason that MOST companies who can afford competent engineers... hire them).

Once this happens and you start to experience symptoms, you need to know that most or all of the following components on your system are now non-functional to at least some degree, and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM PROBABLY NEEDS TO BE REPAIRED.

- DirectX

- C++ libraries
- Graphics driver
- Network driver
- Misc other system drivers (especially sound and Razer/Logitech peripherals)
- Misc critical, non-driver system files
- Any software or non-MS system service with low-level access to any affected driver (Afterburner, Razer/Logitech apps, sound/graphics control-panel helpers, etc)
- Any dependency that interacts with or depends upon any of the above system components

Then, once you've fixed all of those, repaired your OS, cleaned your system of every trace of Origin (which you must do manually for multiple components, naturally)... cross your fingers and reinstall Origin (using whatever hack you had to use to get it to install with appropriate permissions, if applicable). If it doesn't work, your repair attempts didn't/couldn't go deep enough to fix whatever it broke, and it was all for naught, and there's nothing you can do about it but start over. There are only a handful of published software blunders in existence that are both popular and terrible enough to cause problems this severe on a whim, but Origin is their proud, unabashed leader. Proceed to the next paragraph.

If you still aren't up and running after all of that, one or more critical components of your OS have been too thoroughly wrecked for app-level remedies to be effective; get a knowledgeable friend to help you with a proper recovery (don't bother trying on your own if you only dabble), or else reinstall your OS - but both of those options are beyond the scope of these instructions and will not be covered here. Then, once you've done that, don't ever install Origin again. Instead, install no-Origin/standalone patches for your games, or have a knowledgeable friend help you download SAFE "third-party"—strictly legal, of course—sources of the games that you've purchased. 

Ya know, so you can, like... play them.

If you go for the latter option, I'd also get refunds on everything that you can. The only reason these morons can get away with pushing products like Origin is because people continue to pay them despite it.

— but, hey, look at the bright side! All of Origin's redundant-redundant background user-tracking aggregators and telemetry works GREAT - even after uninstalling! You'll never have to worry about *that* breaking! Amaaaazing!


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Re: Origin client and webpage white screen

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When u open origin thin setup it's nothing but a flickering white screen like a strobe light can't do anything with it
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