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Origin is incredibly slow and unresponsive

by bubbaruski

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Re: Origin is incredibly slow and unresponsive

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EA_Darko, now I have the problem and nothing is working. Have not tried installing an older version yet though. What I noticed is that monitoring the app shows that it is constantly refreshing. Like thousands of times a second. I have the latest updates installed and it was fine before that.

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Re: Origin is incredibly slow and unresponsive

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You know, you would think a company that wants to compare its gaming interface so badly with Valve Steam that they would make everything work flawlessly. But no. They argue that its our problem and "oh i can open the client in 2 seconds". OH Please!!! Just fix your stuff.

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Re: Origin is incredibly slow and unresponsive

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As of january 8th 2020,this thread is still relevant. Seriously, you need to improve your launcher, it is laughable.


On a brand new high end system I built from scratch 2 days ago.I cannot PLAY games, origin closes as soon as I click play.

Runs on EVO's ssd and M.2, tried clearing cache already and all that junk, don't bother wasting my time with those petty basic advices you seem to give only to justify your jobs.


I am fully up to date on everything, including bios.


I literally work as a level 1 tech computer, I build and repair computers for a living.


Back to my new system, I had time to install the following clients : Blizzard,Steam,Uplay, then download AND install for 1300 GB worth of games with my 1gb/s internet connection, all done in less than 2 hours.


BUUUUT not Origin,even tho it was the first one I actually downloaded on this system.I can barely download/install your games, very slow and clunky, and once I manage to have them installed, they will not play!


Funny enough, 3 days ago on my other rig, Origin was fine, about 6 months ago I couldn't do jack, I had to scour the internet again to fix this cr**. Pretty sure if I plug in my old rig I could play just fine...


Everyone I know who's heavily into games,at one point or another have major issues with Origin.This is not a 1 of.



Origin IS unstable as hell,and doesn't like changes.....Please just admit it and take responsibility and STEPS to fix it, as a billion dollar company should, or any decent human in business should really.Doing this would be far more respectable than the customer service trying to not only deflect but reject the fault on the customer's end is disgusting to say the least.


It is also the basics of customer service, to recognize the issues a customer might have, and to NOT say things like:

*I have tested Origin on a dozen computers @Meejks and never had an issue with it being slow or unresponsive. If you are seeing such an issue then this would point to an issue with your system.*



We can see here, the exact opposite is what happened, issue deflected and then rejected onto customer...


I would loose my job if my boss EVER heard me doing *customer service* like this.



Conclusion:Origin and the customer service have major improvements to make.


I should NOT have to flush my dns,clear MANUALLY(how come in 2020 you still don't have a clear cache function by the way?),safe boot my machine just to get YOUR client to MAYBE function.


My computer is damn perfect, your client isn't.


Let's get this right.





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Re: Origin is incredibly slow and unresponsive

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OMG OMG thank you! This worked for me! If this was Reddit I'd give you gold NAWLIEERADAFEWQQ! 


(referencing the reddit from page 2)


EA... I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed in you.... 

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Re: Origin is incredibly slow and unresponsive

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This also worked for me. I love the CM's here saying "check your system." I'm running a fresh install of windows with an 8700k 5ghz and a 970 pro. There's no excuse for the horrible performance of the new version of the launcher, it's clearly a bug.

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Re: Origin is incredibly slow and unresponsive

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Thats bullshiit, I have a brand new stock gaming laptop. Origin and EA has always been pieces of *.

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Re: Origin is incredibly slow and unresponsive

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Amazing, the reddit thread saved me! Specifically, disabling Origin Client Service in services.


For context, and maybe to help EA figure out what the heck, origin worked fine on Windows 10 until one day (couple weeks ago maybe) it claimed there was a critical update and wouldn't go online until I restarted and updated. Well, it wouldn't ever update, so I reinstalled. That fixed that problem, and I thought I was done.


Then came the time to update the Sims 4. It failed because I was supposed to allow it when the user account control window popped up, but it never did. I tried downloading other games, same result. Origin is installed to it's default path, but my games library is on a separate hard drive. Also about this time Origin began acting very slowly, taking forever to load the login page, then taking another age once I logged in before origin started. I was still able to play games that didn't need updates though.


I tried reinstalling Origin three times, with no luck.


Then this amazing reddit thread. Before you install an older version of Origin per the first suggestion, try disabling the Origin Client Service in the Services app, which you can find by searching in windows per the second suggestion. Origin immediately sped up to normal levels, and the user account control window pops up now. Everything has updated, and I am able to download games again.


I hope this helps.


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Re: Origin is incredibly slow and unresponsive

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Ive normally never had any issue with Origin untill the Jan 2020 update. No it so slow I can't do really anything. Even downloading is not working. What should be a 5 min update is taking hours.

You guys really need to work on this client, cause this is ridiculous.

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Re: Origin is incredibly slow and unresponsive

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@EA_Darko Nothin' to see here. Move along, plebes. Move along.. I only started using Origins this last week and clicked on this site thinking I'd learn what I've done incorrectly in the download of my paid yearly subscription and singular game downloaded from Amazon. What I'm reading is a Community Manager offering dilitant responses, no solutions. Disappointing.
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Re: Origin is incredibly slow and unresponsive

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Feb 13 2020... and its slow as ever... I had to reinstall origin because I was getting an error message when trying to play a game, and start up origin.

I got it reinstalled and its not even loading the screens, i logged in and all i get is a blank screen with out lines of a ui... I tried restarting, reloading page... no avail even left it for an hour and it still did not load up. worked fine before a year or 2 ago, but now that im using it to play The Sims 4 because it can run on my laptop, its actually frustrating me, There was an update that i kept putting off  for a week (starte actually using origin about 2-3 weeks ago to play the sims) and kept origin on offline mode, but with a new install it should be upated etc and ok... its super annoying because sims 4 will not open, it seems like there might be an update or something for it....


Please fix your stupid launcher.

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